Apr 152011

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Solar energy is the energy that is produced by our sun. During the merger process, that the sun passes through during its lifetime, it emits radiation. The fusion process produces many different wavelengths of radiation and subatomic particles.

Collecting and converting usable energy from solar radiation can be achieved through many different forms of technology and includes various direct and indirect methods of harnessing solar energy.

There are basically two ways to use this solar radiation, by collecting the heat from the light, and photovoltaic conversion of light.

There are many different methods for detection of heat and electricity is converted, and many ways of converting light as well. I’ll just stop here and give a few examples.

One of the easiest ways people use solar energy heat energy is by using greenhouses. A greenhouse, so that it is best to collect the sunlight and heat, which he built from the sun. reserves with special glass or plastic, the greenhouse effect and everything in it, the heat energy from the sun. This heat is inside the greenhouse through the roof and the walls so that the plants in an otherwise cold air trapped to grow.

The combination of different technologies and the use of alternative energy sources such as electricity from the grid, a growing climate controlled to optimize specialty and plant growth are maintained.

could use a big green house a solar chimney power plant to generate most or all of the additional electricity it will need to be able to keep the climate controls.

A thermal power plant is a simple use of excess heat by light heat the greenhouse effect receives generated. Heated air rises. Heated air is channeled out along the ceiling of the greenhouse and in a tower. The hot air rises and the turbine blades through the hot air rushing past them pushed to generate electricity. Store any excess energy in batteries for the night, when it can no sun keep the use of grid power to a minimum.

Based on the collection of heat from the sun, there are power plants in the hot desert sun, the heat gain from the sun and convert the heat into electricity.

Some of these solar systems use curved, highly reflective surface and focuses the optimization of the collection of heat from the sun. They focus the light filled a central tube which is a synthetic oil is very hot. The hot oil is then in a kettle of water vapor in the heat of the oil filled flashed passed. The generated steam is then used to generate electricity from turbines. This is a very effective way to convert solar energy into usable energy.

Another way to collect energy from solar photovoltaic is by direct conversion. What this means is that light into electricity is called by using special materials photodiodes, which are converted into cells. The photodiodes emit electrons when photons from the sunlight on them. By using arrays of special cells and are electrically connected together, enough current through the transduction process is prepared to make it a worthwhile alternative energy.

As more people to use free solar energy demand, governments and businesses subsidize research, and this joint effort is this demand coming through with materials that can produce more and more energy from a given amount of sunlight. Solar power is produced by solar panels now almost as cheap as petroleum, coal and nuclear generated electricity in power.

I hope I have this very well explained to you the reader, and I’m just expressing what I know on a personal level. I make no claims to an authority figure, be anything but an interested party.

Summary and
Advantages of solar energy:

1. Solar energy is renewable. We never worry about running out of sunlight, or all together. The sun is a consistent power source meaning it is always be there every day.

2. Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Compared to fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide release, this is not going all solar cells in the air.

3. Solar panels are extremely reliable. There are no moving parts, so that you do not have to worry about replacing anything. In fact, most people produce electricity for 1,000 of hours with little or no maintenance.

4. Solar cells make no noise while collecting energy. There is no other renewable energy sources that are completely silent.

5. In the long term is solar power cheaper than buying from the utility companies. It is a start-up costs, but then it starts paying for itself. Once you break even, then everything is profit. Compare this to paying a monthly bill and get no return on investment.

6. There are a number of solar plants. Some can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and some cost a few hundred. This means anyone can get into solar, there is an entry point for almost everyone.

7. You are not required to connect to the electricity grid. You can live completely self-sufficient and off-the-grid. Imagine never paying another monthly bill or hook-up for free.

8. Sell ​​excess electricity. If you build a sufficiently large solar system, you can turn your electric meter backwards! Most power companies like to buy or credit card you for this excess power. Contact your local energy provider for more details.

9. Government tax credits. Most governments is a kind of tax credits or incentives for people purchasing solar systems. On average, generally discounts cover 20-30% of system costs. Contact your local representative for more details.

10. Solar technology is constantly improving. Solar installations are increasing by an incredible 50% each year, of which most small home-made systems. Learn how to make your own solar panels and take advantage of solar energy to your advantage.

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Jul 222010

Get the best ebooks about free energy here :

Rarely does someone need an introduction to puget sound energy. While it is known through the USA for its many parts to energy, this well known company has indeed turn world renowned. Just over a span of a decade or so puget sound energy company has walked a long way and contributed much needed information and knowledge to the world of energy. Since its inception in 1997, the company has gone on from strength to strength and has just recently in 2008 proposed a sound merger with Puget Holdings which is an investor group that is directly linked to the Macquarie Group.

To be honest puget sound energy has evolved into a company that offer great value for money to homeowners and also for businesses. With much direction on natural gas and other inexhaustible energy sources, it would come as no surprise that puget sound energy is centered very much on nature and its preservation. As mentioned earlier there is much value that is offered by this company, one of the latest value additions is that puget sound energy will depending on location will offer a FREE showerhead and aerator. There are various conditions that are on mentioned though with regard to this offer.

Moreover, it also needs to be noted that this is one company that will offer superlative customer service when it comes to new homeowners. So why would you even think about turning away from puget sound energy? With a promise to deliver the best service and with also productions that are known for enduringness and reliableness there really is no other select when it comes to all your energy needs. With so many years in the business, there is much information that is available online for you to peruse on puget sound energy.

Needless to say that puget sound energy strength is its safety record. When sharing with energy needs you are likely aware that this is not exactly something you would want simple amateurs to cover. Having proven through history by now puget sound energy stands as a company that provides great services at decent prices. What is most important is that your safety and the safety of your family is assured at all levels. Ask yourself, why would you want to trust anyone else?

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Jul 222010

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The promise of cheap, clean, renewable and environmentally friendly electricity is making solar power increasingly more and more popular. There are many advantages to this type of power including saving money and not harming the environment. A person should make sure they ask a lot of questions when they are making the decision about how to lower their dependency on fossil fuels. Yes, over time you will end up with years and years of free electricity, and yes, you will not be contributing to global warming, but you do need to address some really important questions before you start building a solar panel.
It has been calculated that with the use of tax incentives and other incentives a person will recoup their investment in solar panels over the course of a decade. So, if installing residential solar power, you would do well to question whether you intend on staying there for that long. Solar panels are not portable, so if you think you might move in the near future, realize that you will be leaving them behind for the next owner of your home to enjoy.
So, if you are considering something like greendiyenergy, you would do well to stay in your home long enough to see out the payback time involved in its installation. Break down what type of money you will be saving every year when you install the system. Think about the cost of the installation divided by the energy savings per year and you will have an answer.
If the answer seems favorable, consider whether you have enough currently unutilized space available on your roof or in your garden to place the solar panels. Obviously you have to position the panels strategically so they get maximum exposure to the sun. To generate a reasonable amount of electricity you should receive at least six hours of sunlight daily. Obviously direct sunshine is best, but some houses have trees surrounding them. Even worse, those trees may belong to neighbors, in which case you would have little or no jurisdiction over them.
The angle, or pitch, of your roof is all important. There is an optimal angling that the roof needs to be to get the maximum benefit from the sun’s rays as it tracks across the horizon. If you are planning on taking this on as a do-it-yourself style job, it may be that you might need some advice on this. Do your homework to learn about the makers of the solar panels and where to buy the systems from. There are plenty of resources available to the homeowner to purchase anything they need to make this project work. If you are going to install your own residential solar power system, select a retailer who offers good telephone support so you can get help and advice if something goes wrong and do your homework by checking out material like greendiyenergy review because you should expect at least one thing to go wrong in matters such as this.
Be sure to absorb all the finer details within the instructions before choosing which your residential solar power system you want to buy. Pick something that won’t be too difficult for you to finish. Remember that this is not a little project and you will have to have the solar panel system delivered to your home safely and without being damaged. Finally, be sure to check out the return policy. If it were to arrive as broken goods, you want to know you are covered to get a replacement quickly.
It is always good to prepare well before taking on major jobs like this. No one can understand the importance of doing this until they try to complete a project without thinking ahead of time about what it all means.

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Jul 182010

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In an age when Americans will go out of their way to save a couple cents per-gallon on gas, there’s a flourishing new type of energy drink that costs 20 times as much per ounce as Coca Cola – the energy shot.

A growing number of Americans are turning their backs to $3 cups of coffee, and picking up $3 2 ounce shots of solid caffeine – and most of them taste disgusting.

The demand for energy shots is expected to double this year, reaching $700 mil in sales – and it’s dominated by Living Essentials’ 5 Hour Energy drink, as they were the first on the market.

Many companies are attempting to capture the energy shot market – products like 6 Hour Power, Fuel 7 Hour Energy, and Mr. Energy 8 Hour Energy are all competing to tap into the energy shot world.

Though it sounds similar, 8 Hour Energy has raised the bar a little higher for the competition. While the others merely contain caffeine, it includes Acai, Goji, and Tahitian Noni – three popular berries known for their dietary and energizing properties. Usually, these berries can only be attained by purchasing a $40 bottle of juice.

In addition to its improved ingredients, The 8 Hour shot is carb and calorie free – and it tastes delicious.

“I’ve seen the 5 Hour ads plastered all over the media. But if people read the labels before they buy, I think they’ll go for 8 Hour Energy. It’s just a better quality product,” says Darin Steen, one of the 10 top fitness trainers in the world.

In a blind test conducted at the University of Florida, 9 out of 10 students preferred the 8 Hour shot over 5 Hour Energy. Another study gave out samples of the Mr Energy 8 Hour shot during finals week, and students returned with rave reviews.

“Wow… after taking the 8 Hour Energy, not only was I able to stay up to study for finals, I picked up a basketball game after! Without it, I probably wouldn’t have managed to do either,” laughed Troy Smith, a senior majoring in Finance.

“8 Hour Energy shots are amazing. I stayed energized and focused, and totally aced my final. It’s like time in a bottle,” said Stephanie Wilcox, a grad student in the UF School of Dentistry.

Despite the massive 60 million dollar advertising budget of 5 Hour Energy, Bhelliom Enterprises, 8 Hour Energy’s developer, is confident their product will succeed due simply to its superior ingredients. “The ingredients speak for themselves,” says CEO of Bhelliom Enterprises, Casey McCarthy.

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Jul 182010

Get the best ebooks about free energy here :

There are many reasons to select fire wood burning as your main supply of warmth right now. A few of the main factors being that it is environmentally valuable and it can be a cheaper way to heat the house. In the following paragraphs, we are going to go over some tips and resource suggestions with regard to planning your lumber logpile.

There are lots of great tools on the market that will help you begin with creating your wood logpile to heat the house. One such tool is the Mantis Log Splitter. Right away this could save you cash on a local rental or the alternative of buying considerable amounts of wood to heat your home.

Not only is heating your property with logs cost-effective and environmentally sound, creating a fire in your fire place may be extremely soothing for your heart and house in general. There’s nothing like the sound of hearth wood crackling in the fireplace as you begin your early morning.

Below are great tips for gathering your supply of fuel and the greatest uses of your electric log splitter.

Make sure to cut your wood to an suitable length for your fire place or stove. You should measure to make sure that it is a minimum of 3-4 inches shorter than the width of where you’ll be placing it.

Make sure to develop your splitting approach as wood that’s split too large does not burn up perfectly. You ought to work to have a diverse range of dimensions which range from 3-6 inches in size for top level burning outcomes. You should measure or eyeball the bits of wood at the biggest cross section of the log. Fire wood cut for a furnace may be just a little bit bigger than for a stove or fireplace. It’s excellent to have some kindling or smaller sized bits of fire wood accessible as this is actually the best to apply for getting your fire started.

For successful burning to take place, wood cannot be wet and needs to have the wetness taken out from it that it will have. This does require some organizing in advance with your wood purchase, splitting and drying out process. The best way to get rid of water content from the firelogs is really a pure approach by permitting the wind flow and sunlight dry them outside. Create your wood logpile in a place where it may be warmed by the sun, but the wind flow is able to blow through it at the same time.

This really can take about Six months for this drying out process if you want to make sure that all of the wetness has been stripped away from the firelogs. That is why, you should begin this endeavor in early springtime to make sure you have your wood organized for the next winter cool period. Bear in mind though this depends largely on your geographical area. A few climates and the kinds of wood that you find there could take more time to dry so you should take this into consideration.

Now you’re ready to fire up the Mantis Electric Log Splitter, or your tool of preference, and get to stacking that wonderful fire wood stack. Winter season will be here again before you know it and you’ll be sitting pretty by that very nice and soothing fire place knowing that you will be saving money and the environment in your decision to heat the house with fire wood.

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