Jul 112010

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You cannot deny that your expenses are not proceeding as you thought they would. Neither can you ignore that your present car has its days over. Every time you pull it out of your garage to leave for work, you feel this sense of irritation developing in your brains due to the irritating noise all the parts are making. Moreover, in a state with such a lot of activity like in New Jersey, you cannot manage to drag such a car. How about a used Chevrolet? A NJ Chevy dealer can help you buy a used vehicle. You should search around town and look for the most faithful New Jersey Chevrolet dealer to help you in buying a used car. However, before you search for him, here are some things you need to know on your own:

• At first, you have to know your budget scale. Plan your budget and do a homework on the web to give you details about which cars can you purchasing with having a certain sum of money in your pocket. Do not forget to include insurances, maintenance and running costs in this. Also if you are getting a loan, ensure that you opt for the best rates around town.

• Choose the kind of car you want to buy. Search for a car that suits you, your family and your needs. Use internet or your neighborhood car selling areas and find out the correct model, body type and price. Select the right car and also window shop at different areas to know the average rates.

• Do not think twice to inquire your dealer query like why are they selling the car, since when has it been there with them, in what condition is it (of course they’d say it is in good condition, ensure that you stay alert!).

• Difficulties might be faced if you are dealing with a private seller. In such a case, always go for home addresses. Make sure that the address written on the registration certificate is similar to the home address.

• Now your observation is to be judged. You should have really sharp eyes to inspect the car. For the overall body of the car, ensure that you inspect it in daylight hours so that no dents or rust marks are hidden. Also look beneath the car and see if there are any rust marks. In the bonnet, check if there are any oil leaks and check the oil level through a dipstick. When you check the oil filler, search for a white mayonnaise like fluid that is an indication of a head gasket dysfunction. Check the body panels; there should be equal gap in between them. Lastly, inspect the tires condition which should have a lot of tread.

• When you take a test drive, ensure that the car does not make any trouble in starting. Move the steering from left to right and then check for any knocking or screeching; there shouldn’t be any. Test the brakes, specially the handbrake by pulling it as you drive.

• Lastly, the most important is the proper documentation. Ensure that you keep all the original versions of the documents, not photocopies. Also when you do the payment, make sure you take a receipt.

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