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It has been said that the world is experiencing an energy crisis. And as oil prices go up, so do our electrical bills. One method of addressing this problem is by installing a solar roof over your home. A solar roof can become your very own home power generator.

A solar roof is made out of photovoltaic materials, which replace usual building materials. For flat roofs, thin-film cells are integrated into flexible polymer roofing membranes. For pitched roofs, you can use either multiple roof tiles, or solar shingles that are designed to look like regular shingles.

Not only will you’re roof look good, but you’ll be saving on your electrical bills as well. The roof will still shield you from the elements, and it will also and generate electricity when the sun is up. In other words, instead of buying regular roof tiles or shingles, you would be buying solar shingles or photovoltaic roofing material, which will serve both purposes.

Anyone planning to install a new roof should consider getting solar roof. This is one investment that can have a long-term impact in your finances.

Solar roofs are built to last as well. It has been said that a solar roof can last for up to fifty years. That’s comparable with the most durable building materials around. The typical installation involves laminating photovoltaic (PV) strips onto the roof pans, before the roofer puts them into place. The wires would then run in the ridge cap, out of view.

If the homeowner prefers to use PV shingles, then the shingles are installed by nailing them to the plywood sheathing of the roof. The interconnectors are built in, under the plywood, and the roofers use regular asphalt shingles (the same color as the solar shingles) to fill in around the edges. The DC current generated by the shingles would is then be diverted into a battery bank which can be used around the home.

Governments of some countries provide tax or other financial incentives to encourage people to install solar roofs. Establishments with these installation can sometimes produce enough energy make them independent from other sources of electricity. Some governments even offer subsidies which help those who wish to have solar shingles or tiles placed on their own buildings.

Solar roofs are a great renewable energy source. They provide 100% clean and renewable energy, and the earth would definitely be a better place to live in if more homes used solar power.


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