Apr 272010

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Since 1750, according to the smart historians, we have been relying on fossil fuels like coal and oil for our every need. We have developed systems over the years and become smarter for sure, inventing new ways to use the energy that we rely on to make our lives better. This has been going on in the background, just as we have ignored scientists and environmentalists who have warned us about greenhouse gas emissions and the damage that is being caused to the world all around this.

Only in relatively recent times have we have finally woken up and understood. We have caused considerable damage so far and are now in danger of not being able to slow our reliance on fossil fuels sufficiently to enable us to reverse and repair this damage. Now we can clearly see the benefits of renewable energy and know that helping the environment through tangible change is a necessity.

It is sobering to realise that only about 5% of our energy needs can be met by wind, water, geothermal and solar renewable energy means. It is certainly possible for us to generate enough electricity from such sources for our own consumption, but again unfortunately, it is prohibitively expensive for us to invest in such systems for our homes alone. Solar energy, as an option, is perhaps most often used by home owners, especially in sunnier climes, where they can put panels on the roof to help heat water and run certain appliances.

We hear that certain appliance manufacturers are developing smart products that can be run individually from renewable, external energy sources. In certain cases, a solar panel may be able to run a refrigerator, for example.

Governments around the world are finally taking notice of what’s happening and are making available funds for incentives and grants. Home owners who are more willing to invest in taking steps to retrofit existing systems to replace energy hog appliances will likely get grants from the taxpayer. We can all make a difference and enhance our security from a wider perspective if we make an investment in reducing our reliance on these traditional energy needs.

In its most basic form, we can use a type of renewable energy as one of many ways to save electricity around the home. This could be as simple as using solar energy to dry your clothes, if the climate you live in is appropriate. A washer and dryer machine typically adds a lot to an energy bill. Remember that individual steps can all make a difference and if we take concerted action, we can get there.

If you’re not able to take advantage of renewable energy in your home, insist that those companies that you pay money to make considerable efforts in the right direction. Look for information on companies that favour renewable energy sources. As it is such good public relations, companies that do are falling over themselves to let us know that they are good corporate citizens. Hold them all to account!

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