Apr 172009

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Solar power homes are the most recent technological innovations in the field of engineering and science. People have long searched for new ways to live economically amidst the crisis occurring in the country. The budget allotted to pay for electricity is considerably crippling for families in the middle class, which is the majority of the general population. The answer to the frequent question of how to live cheaply, but appropriately is the creation of solar power homes.

Homes powered by the sun are made achievable through the technology of solar panels. Solar panels are made out of many components which are cheap, but effective. These include photovoltaic cells, semiconductor plates, converters, conductor wires and a battery.

Electrical companies around the country install solar power homes with the needed equipment to enable power diversion from the sun into electrical storage. The fee for these services is reasonably low considering the fact that long-term reliance on renewable, solar energy will save households thousands of dollars a year.

Instructions on how to assemble and establish working conditions for these systems are found in many scientific electronic books, journals and websites. Here is an overview:

– Basically, the photovoltaic cell is the one responsible for utilizing the energy found in the sunlight. It splits the molecular components of the sun’s rays into electrons, protons and neutrons.

– The subjects of interest are the electrons, which in a collective state, supply ample electrical power to make appliances such as televisions, radios, refrigerators, and ovens work.

– The electrons are separated from the other molecules and are sent through the conduction pathway of wires and converter plates. This further cleans out the rest of unwanted molecular particles, which is important to prevent electrical problems such as failure, disruption and surges.

– The final stage in the utilization of sunlight as an energy source is the storage of the isolated electrons in the battery. The battery used is normally large in size to be able to accommodate large amounts of power which could supply homes days at a time.

– The recharge rate during the day is enough to provide the necessary power to supply the battery.

– The sun’s energy produces no significant emissions and nature-damaging products from the mechanisms which create electricity. This is a good measure of how effective it is in producing electricity in an ecologically friendly manner.

The existence of solar power homes is a tribute to the innovation of technology with respect to the consciousness on protecting our planet. Research has shown that almost half of the pollution rate comes from power plants, oil refineries and other electrical producing companies, which result to massive production of byproducts that disrupt normal biological cycles. The destruction of the ozone layer and global warming are some of the degrading effects of energy production to nature.

The future of solar power homes is considered brighter due to the constant research by scientists and ecologists in collaboration with engineers and mechanics. By taking advantage of the sun’s tremendous energy, we can save money and preserve the planet’s condition at the same time.

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