Jul 082010

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I’d like to talk to you about boxing training. You have two kinds of boxing, fighting professionally and amateur boxing. Fighting professionally is done for the money and amateur boxing is done for pleasure and to keep fit. Both sports are diverse in nature. This article will be talking to you about the individual who wants to do this sport for the enjoyment and to keep fit.

I’ve covered just some of the basics of boxing in this article to give you a little bit of a taste of what this sport is all about. People from all ages and walks of life can enjoy this sport. The coaches like to get a hold of the kid who is younger because the younger people are not so set in their ways. So don’t be afraid to start out in this sport if you are young.

I have been working in amateur boxing for many years now. I was a coach in college and in the service. People that I’ve trained with come from all walks of life, rich and poor. The weight ranged from 90 pounds all the way up to 250. Some people that I’ve worked with were very shy and others very bold. Many have come from the big cities or from smaller towns. There is something in this sport for everybody.

You never know when a fight is going to break out, so when you know boxing you can have the confidence that you can protect yourself. Boxing is excellent for keeping fit. Most colleges and schools have boxing classes.

You should start with all of the correct equipment. The equipment includes a mouthpiece, well-padded headgear, hand wraps, gloves, high-topped shoes and comfortable clothing. Compared to other sports the equipment that is needed is not very expensive. The bigger things that the gym provides you with are the boxing ring and the punching bag.

Boxing gyms need to make it mandatory that the rules be followed. Every trainer should make the boxer wear the headgear, mouth pieces and protective cups. If something is wrong with the equipment then the boxer should stop what he is doing and replace it. You can cause destruction to your body or even get killed if you don’t follow the rules.

A general practitioner should always be in the building when it is open. Boxing can be a very dangerous sport if you don’t follow the rules. Not following the rules can get people permanently injured or killed. There is a great safety net when the rules are followed.

Your body can stay in grand form when you box. Road work is running 3 to 5 miles about 3 times a week. Sprints should be run as well. When you work out in the boxing ring, you can have 2 minute rounds between two people. These are just some of my boxing training tips.

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