Jul 112010

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If you are interested in making some extra money by playing poker then here are a few tips on where to start. There is no guarantee that you are actually going to win loads of cash, but its worth a go and if you turn out to be a good enough player then your chances are high. If your starting from zero obviously you need to find a free online poker site with some freerolls.

My first tip would be to avoid the huge sites where the freerolls can take as many twenty thousand players at one time. Mind you the prize at the end of the road is always something huge, your odds of getting it are far from it. Place top 1% to win a ticket to this, for a shot at that. After placement in top 1% two or even 3 times in a row is how you make money.

This is where the majority of players make their mistake. Look for a nice smaller site with maybe 50-200 people and with a wide range of payout’s. You may not win a trip to Vegas but this will start you on your way. Winning anywhere from 10c to $5 or $10 is not uncommon and a few placements like this is all you need to be on your way. Once you have something you feel you can play with you need to know how to manage your bankroll so you don’t lose all of your hard earned money in a single tournament.

The common way to do this is said to be using 1/20th of your bankroll for NL cash games. You want to have at least 300 big blinds in limit cash games so if the big blind is 5c you should have at least $15 before you sit. If you prefer SnG tournaments with 6-10 people you should use only 1/40th of your bankroll and about 1/100th for large tournaments.

It is wise to play with your bankroll wisely, as every player will have highs and lows when playing. By managing your bankroll correctly you will be able to take a beat and still have some chips left to continue betting without being down and out. If you have your own cash to play with then your bankroll can be restocked at any given time, so these rules really don’t apply to you unless you want to put yourself on a budget. When I started playing, I found that free online poker were the way forward and I managed to get some cash behind me to occasionally take my play to real cash games.

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