Mar 052010

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He’s a name familiar to thousands in the UK, and he doesn’t show any sign of losing the nation’s interest any time soon. If you’re struggling to pay the bills, Martin Lewis is a name to search for online, as he offers valuable advice. For example, being a central heating owner is often costly, but there are some great money saving tips online. Of course, once you have read what he has to say, you can become your own money saving expert and make changes that will reduce the overall cost of your bills. So, read on for some tips to get you started.

Shop around – here’s something everyone should try at least once in order to save money on things like heating. Comparison sites are quick and easy and they will return accurate and up to date information to make the decision stage much easier. In other cases, for those who haven’t got central heating installed yet, you can use the phone to ring people and get some central heating quotes in. Don’t fall into the trap of getting one quote and accepting it immediately. You want to make sure you get a really good deal.

New boiler time – did you know that a new boiler could save you lots of money? Of course, you first have to budget for the fitting costs etc, but the better efficiency of a new boiler should mean monthly bills are reduced. A new boiler heats up much more quickly and the house will get warmer, meaning you don’t need to have the central heating turned on as long.

Boiler repair time – not everyone can afford to splash out on a new boiler, so getting the boiler repaired may be the better solution for you. If you don’t know if your boiler is working to the best of its ability, book a boiler service in and see what the engineer recommends. It is in his best interests to be honest with you and tell you if something needs sorting out. Naturally, boiler repairs are going to be much cheaper than getting a new boiler fitted, but always consider long-term costs, as multiple repairs add up.

With the information included here, you will be well on your way to becoming your own money saving expert. Energy saving is crucial, and if you’re a central heating owner, you know how costly the monthly bills can be, so go ahead and make that change today.

Get the best ebooks about free energy here :

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