Jul 172010

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In the UK, there is one man who is fighting back against high energy costs. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is known for his frank and often outspoken views, but he has a lot of good information to share with consumers who are struggling to pay bills. For a start if you’re a central heating owner, he might be able to save you money and provide you with some great tips for reducing those bills. Once you have done a bit of research online, you can soon become your own money saving expert and know the best ways to free up some cash. Below you will find some invaluable tips to send you in the right direction.

Compare and contrast – now here’s a great way to save the pennies, and don’t be afraid to give it a go. In order to make life easier, check out some price comparison sites and see what information they return to you. If you prefer to ‘shop around’ using the phone instead, call up some companies and see if you can get something like central heating quotes as a great starting point for saving money. Never accept the first quote without comparing it to others. You want to make sure you get a really good deal.

Get a new boiler – did you know that a new boiler could save you lots of money? Once you get the initial costs out the way, which include installation and the cost of the appliance itself, you should find that bills come down. The reason for this is due to the boiler’s age – new boilers heat up quicker and send the heat round the house much faster, which reduces the amount of time you have to have the heating turned on.

Just repair it – it may be that you can’t afford a new boiler, in which case you can consider getting your current boiler repaired so it improves the efficiency. It can be hard to tell if the boiler is working perfectly, so get your trusty engineer to conduct a boiler service and see if he has any recommendations. The engineer should be honest with you about what needs doing. You should find that the boiler repair is a cheaper option to having a new boiler fitted, but if your boiler repeatedly fails then these repairing costs will add up and make it one costly appliance!

Now you have a few tips for becoming your own money saving expert, so use them wisely. When it comes to energy saving, and central heating in particular, any money saving tips can prove invaluable.

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