Jul 182010

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In an age when Americans will go out of their way to save a couple cents per-gallon on gas, there’s a flourishing new type of energy drink that costs 20 times as much per ounce as Coca Cola – the energy shot.

A growing number of Americans are turning their backs to $3 cups of coffee, and picking up $3 2 ounce shots of solid caffeine – and most of them taste disgusting.

The demand for energy shots is expected to double this year, reaching $700 mil in sales – and it’s dominated by Living Essentials’ 5 Hour Energy drink, as they were the first on the market.

Many companies are attempting to capture the energy shot market – products like 6 Hour Power, Fuel 7 Hour Energy, and Mr. Energy 8 Hour Energy are all competing to tap into the energy shot world.

Though it sounds similar, 8 Hour Energy has raised the bar a little higher for the competition. While the others merely contain caffeine, it includes Acai, Goji, and Tahitian Noni – three popular berries known for their dietary and energizing properties. Usually, these berries can only be attained by purchasing a $40 bottle of juice.

In addition to its improved ingredients, The 8 Hour shot is carb and calorie free – and it tastes delicious.

“I’ve seen the 5 Hour ads plastered all over the media. But if people read the labels before they buy, I think they’ll go for 8 Hour Energy. It’s just a better quality product,” says Darin Steen, one of the 10 top fitness trainers in the world.

In a blind test conducted at the University of Florida, 9 out of 10 students preferred the 8 Hour shot over 5 Hour Energy. Another study gave out samples of the Mr Energy 8 Hour shot during finals week, and students returned with rave reviews.

“Wow… after taking the 8 Hour Energy, not only was I able to stay up to study for finals, I picked up a basketball game after! Without it, I probably wouldn’t have managed to do either,” laughed Troy Smith, a senior majoring in Finance.

“8 Hour Energy shots are amazing. I stayed energized and focused, and totally aced my final. It’s like time in a bottle,” said Stephanie Wilcox, a grad student in the UF School of Dentistry.

Despite the massive 60 million dollar advertising budget of 5 Hour Energy, Bhelliom Enterprises, 8 Hour Energy’s developer, is confident their product will succeed due simply to its superior ingredients. “The ingredients speak for themselves,” says CEO of Bhelliom Enterprises, Casey McCarthy.

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Jul 132010

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The idea of staying fit and healthy is something which appeals to one and all. A well toned and a healthy body is the fore most supplies which all individuals harbor. But it might be due to common laziness or sheer lack of time which might be not allowing you to get the right step to make certain the same for you. Finding a appropriate weight training program is something which might work for you. It is a very common notion which is there in everyone’s head that weight training is only regarding putting on bulk and muscles. This is not true.

By finding the ideal weight training program for yourself you discover the way to ensure a healthy loss weight and that too without the issue of having to worry about flabby and sagging skin after weight loss. By accepting a good weight training program you end up not only fit but at the same time look attractive too. You can go to a gym and take the services of a professional trainer to help you come up with a weight training program to suit your requirement and need depending upon your body type and your expectations of weight loss. Alternatively there is also present the option of carrying out an online search on the internet to look out for various weight training programs. It will provide you with all the required information that you would be needed to modify a weight training program to suit your individual needs.

Once you start with an exercise regime you will begin seeing the results of it pretty soon. Before you start analyzing the results you should know as to what one actually means when they find out the calories burned by their workout. To understand this it is very significant to know the idea of metabolism. When one speaks of metabolism what they mean is the capacity of the body to spend energy in order to burn the food that we eat. Some foods like complex carbohydrates and fibers result in more calories burned thereby resulting in fast metabolism. Every body has its possess metabolism and hence its own scale of calories burned. The estimate that one gets from weight equipments is just a uneven estimate of the calories burned.

It is very vital that one should bring in their kids to the idea of playing out in the grounds every day. This will make certain that your kid does not fall prey to maladies like child obesity or common lethargy. The most successful child obesity prevention program is to make a return to the common eating and exercise habits and make fast food options only reserved for treats and occasional eats. As a part of the child obesity prevention program one must make the child understand the ill effects of junk food and a sedentary lifestyle.

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Jul 132010

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Many of us in the United States never think about water pollution or a likely lack of water. We can turn on our taps any time to get all the water we need, and if we don’t like what we are getting there, we can buy pricey water in bottles to drink instead. The majority of the people aren’t going to let the possibility of future water insufficiencies trouble them until the problem really arrives, and by then it will be too late. Though the U.S. And other bits of the world have acceptable water supplies to support the population, at the rate we are polluting our lakes, brooks, and streams, it isn’t going to be long before we no longer have the water that is critical to human life.

five facts that everyone in America wishes to understand about the standing of the water in our country include :

1.Most of the planet’s water is saltwater, and we can’t drink it in its original form. Therefore , when you hear that something similar to seventy percent of the globe is covered with water, you want to recollect that the majority of it isn’t fit for human consumption.

2.40% of all of the brooks in the U.S. are too polluted to sustain aquatic life or for folk to fish or swim in. If the fish can’t live in it, people can’t drink it.

3.America’s lakes are even worse. At least 46% of them have too much pollution to be safe enough for water life and human activities. How would you like to swim in a lake understanding that the water is doubtless too dangerous for the fish?

4.China’s stats get worse still. In tests of the 7 major rivers, over fifty percent were polluted beyond safety levels. The country is highly populated, and millions of people don’t have any method to get clean water.

5.Water pollution is answerable for illness outbreaks all around the world. In any specific year around two hundred and fifty million folk contract waterborne sicknesses from drinking tainted water. These diseases include cholera and typhoid along with others. It doesn’t matter the diseases aren’t in the U.S, because diseases have been known to spread anywhere.

You have possibly seen on telly how different organizations and individuals have gone to places around the planet making an attempt to contribute in the toll water pollution and absence of sanitation are taking on the folks that live there. Almost all of us don’t have the resources to do what they’re doing ; however , a great deal of work still wants to be done here at home in America. We are all responsible, and we are all faced with future water deficiencies, if not for ourselves, then for our kids and grandkids, unless we begin to make a greater effort now, starting with emergency water filter methods like a portable water system.

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Jul 122010

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Folks have always hated it when their hair starts to fall out. Although many men shave their heads and go around bald by choice, most people with balding and thinning of hair would prefer not to. Therefore, there are many women and men who are searching for an answer to their hair thinning problem. Among the home cures that’s been utilized for many years is saw palmetto for hair loss. Created from the berries on a dwarf palm tree that’s native to Georgia and Florida in the United States, the saw palmetto has long been used in folk medicine.

Native Americans first discovered medicinal properties in the saw palmetto when they used it to take care of urinary and breast problems. It is now most popularly used in fighting male and female pattern hair thinning, or that which is most prevalent on the top of the head or round the ears. Although there isn’t any clinical proof that saw palmetto extract actually reverses hair thinning, those who have used it for decades swear it does the trick. It’s thought that it works by blocking an enzyme that enables testosterone to get converted into another hormone. There has to be more testing done on the saw palmetto before it can be determined if it really works and why.

Just like most medications, there can be possible side effects from taking even this natural drug. People taking it often complain of constipation, diarrhea, mild stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, and halitosis. Men may experience impotence, a tenderness or enlargement of the breasts, and a general change in sexual desire. In rarer cases individuals have blamed such conditions as depression, headaches, dizziness, chest pain, hypertension, blood clots, breathing difficulties, jaundice, insomnia, heart problems, liver problems, muscle pains, and pancreatitis on saw palmetto extract, but once more there isn’t any clinical proof.

Like with any of the natural remedies which have had no testing done on them, you are going to need to be the only one to make a decision if the potential risks associated with saw palmetto extract are outweighed by the potential for it to restore hair loss. If you do some preliminary research online, the bottom line is that the majority of the trustworthy websites will tell you that saw palmetto extract does not work properly and that it can be very unsafe but a more affordable option when compared to hair transplant costs.

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Jul 102010

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Today there are many people struggling with excess fat. So, nowadays weight loss issues are the hottest issues that are being discussed. A lot of people are looking for different ways of losing weight, many people would like to reveal the secret of successful weight loss diet. To lose weight, you should change your eating habits. The main problem is that you get hungry between meals. Of course, you are on a diet and do not eat such portions as you have eaten before. But following any diet does not mean that you should go into starvation mode. Vice versa you should consume food that can satisfy your hunger and contain fewer calories.

Do you think it can not be done? Here there is a list of 5 organic snacks which will help you to get rid of those cravings between meals.

From the very beginning, before anything else happens, you should stay hydrated and drink much water. This has nothing to do with your hunger, but it will help your body to function better and it is considered to be the most important for helping digest the food you eat. You should drink 2 liters per day, and that is 8 glasses.

1. Fruit before Meals
Do you know that you should eat 5 different items of fruit a day? But you should also know when you should eat them.

It is recommended to eat one or two pieces of fruit 30 to 60 minutes before your meal. You can eat apples, choose whatever you like.

It is helpful in two ways: it satisfies your hunger and it also reduces your appetite at meal time in order you feel better eating less.

2. Mixed Seeds
It is suggested to carry a small pot of mixed seeds with you and take out a handful whenever you feel like something to eat. You can mix such tasty seeds as sesame, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, which are the best suppressant of appetite.

You can also mix in several pine nuts which contain fewer fat that most other nuts and a delicious protein replacement food.

3. Smoothies
The best way to get all of the antioxidants and nutrition your body requires for better health is to drink them. You can blend them and drink. Try to mix kiwi, vanilla, strawberry and banana with mango.

It is like a meal and besides, it is easy to make.

4. Rye bread and cottage cheese
Rye bread will satisfy your hunger and leave you full for a long time. It is a great food providing you with lots of energy releasing slowly and is a perfect lunchtime snack. It is recommended to eat with cottage cheese, because it is dry on its own.

5. Olives

Black or green olives are a great tasty snack, but do not overeat. This is an excellent detoxing agent and they are easily digested. It is strangely for oil, but olive oil can help you to get rid of excess fat because it includes essential fatty acids which enable stored excess fat to be removed from the system. Eating very much will have the opposite effect though.

Need professional advice and information about how to lose weight fast. Then visit this weight loss web site – your direct access to weight loss assistance.

Today we are living in the world where information makes life easier.

Due to this if you are properly armed with the information in your sphere of interest you can rest assured that you will in any case find the way out from any bad situation. So, please make sure to visit this web site on a regular basis or – best of all – sign up to its RSS feed. In such an easy way you will have a direct shortcut to the latest info updates here. Blogs can be helpful, you just need to understand how to use them.

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