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You have a number of goals that you want to achieve, but you’re not quite sure how to go about them. Whether you have short-term goals, or achievements that will take a lifetime, these 10 steps for self motivation will help you to start living out your dreams sooner than you think.

The first of the 10 steps for self motivation is to be very clear about your goals. Do you want to own your own business in the next ten years? Are you looking to save enough money for your child’s college fund before he or she turns 18? Do you want to lose ten pounds in the next month? No matter what your goals are, you should be aware of what they are in detail. This way, you can develop the motivation skills that are necessary for carrying out your achievements. It may also be helpful to write your goals down, so that you can refer to them as often as you need to.

Next in the 10 steps for self motivation comes the ‘action’. You’ll need to:

Create a plan. Outline how you’re going to achieve your goal. Are you going to go on a special diet in order to lose weight? Have you already opened up a special savings account for accomplishing your financial goals? Make sure that your plan has steps that are easy to follow, and set small goals for yourself each day that will point you toward your ultimate accomplishment.

Set deadlines. Make sure that you keep yourself on schedule. This is a very important step in the 10 steps for self motivation, because it keeps you from wasting time. And when you complete a task by the deadline, you should reward yourself. This will help to continue to exercise motivation, so that you’ll set new goals for yourself after this accomplishment.

Remember to work on your goals when you’re at your best. If you work best at night, make time to work on your achievements then. If morning is best for you, try to rearrange your schedule accordingly. If you feel good, you’re going to have a much better time motivating yourself. Another essential part of the 10 steps for self motivation is to take care of yourself. Keep yourself in the best health possible by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet.

The remaining 10 steps for self motivation include using persistence, surrounding yourself with positive people, giving yourself a break when necessary, and finding mentors. When you surround yourself with people that have already achieved the things they want to in life, you’ll be reminded that success if possible and tangible. Good luck!

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Jul 122010

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If you experience serious memory lapses, it’s worth asking whether you should find out how to improve memory. There are many other forgetful people who never bother to try to improve because they have come to accept forgetfulness as a part of them. It’s vital to realize though that there are several great reasons to try to remember well.

Memory enhancement can be good for you if it spares you from having to endure negative feelings and sensations. It’s all too common to feel frustrated or even embarrassed about forgetting things. Think for a second how unnerving it can get to forget your keys somewhere when you’re just about to be late for a crucial business appointment. If you don’t improve your memory, you could also risk forgetting to zip your fly or comb your hair.

There are more reasons to want to remember. One reason that is more crucial than anything else is the chance to earn better. Getting a good hook on some pieces of information can actually make you a top earner. Perfect recall abilities for example could help you implement what you learn in sales seminars or marketing course modules. Also, at a more basic level, being able to keep track of the names of acquaintances can give you a better shot at forming strong, cash generating networks.

Making the move to improving memory ability can also assist you in creating a good image of yourself. You become a completely impressive package when you show an aptitude for remembering well. You can enjoy benefits in both the professional and personal aspects of your life. Bosses and co-employees won’t fail to notice how smooth you look and sound when you recite your report without a copy to refer too. Prospective dates will also be dazzled by your ability to quote literature or other areas of shared interest.

Clearly, you stand to gain from taking steps to polish your mental retention. This realization however is not enough to help you actually find the right tools to help you learn how to improve your memory. Needless to say, there are countless resources both online and offline that will attempt to grab your attention. Each of these tools will propose a variety of solutions. Some suggest that retention depends largely on food intake and regular exercise. Other materials suggest strategies that range from new age to scientific.

Which methods are best for you? There is no one best way to answer this. This is because people don’t all respond well to every kind of method or strategy. For some people they can jog their memories best by eating nutritious food and getting sufficient rest and relaxation. For others however, structured training is necessary. You have to find out first which strategy will fit your personality best.

Once you’ve decided to use a tool to help your memory, you’d naturally want to find out how effective it is. You can do this by browsing over independent user reviews. There are numerous customers online who will voluntarily share their experiences using a product or strategy book for memory enhancement.

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Jul 112010

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We have all been told not to dwell on the past. The actual act of repetitively looking back invariably traps us in a brutal cycle that only reminds us – over and over again, of our pain and fear. However, there is an unmistakable difference between living in the past and looking back in an effort to deal with issues that might otherwise compromise the possibility of a balanced future.

What’s so significant about the past? It’s a time that is finished forever. The act of reading this sentence will be finished in moments – it will be in the past, but for some reason we’re not quite sure of, it’s usually only the distant past that haunts our memory.

The main reason that we don’t constantly relive old events is the lack of clarity that this process brings. For example, the process is quite a bit like reviewing an original document, and then making a copy of it in second rate copy machine. At this point, we take that copy and put it through the machine yet again, and then repeat this process numerous times. Pretty soon you have an unrecognizable image that looks nothing at all like the original.

It’s the same with our painful memories and fears. Every time we re-examine them, something changes, continually adding to the frustration of the event. There isn’t anything about that event which will ever change, but it always seems to appear worse – to feel worse, with each following recollection.

Unfortunately, our lives are shaped by those events, and if we never talk about them, they will continue to affect our future. The effects will be noticeable at first – kind of like a glaring neon sign saying, “I was picked on by bullies as a kid”. However over time, this process progresses like the small bits of sand that stay between our toes once we leave the beach. They continue to rub every now and again until all traces are removed.

If there seems to be a reoccurring theme in your life and your career opportunities – lack of commitment in relationships, self-doubt, or an inability to finish things you start, the answer may lie between the confusing pages of past memories. It’s certainly no fun to reopen old wounds, but if you do look deep within yourself, you may find that your wounds didn’t heal; they were merely covered up so no one would notice.

One way you can begin to move beyond those things in your past is to start a journal. We’ve all had to do some journal writing in school. It’s an effective tool for getting our emotions out of our heads and out into the open. Write every day to begin with, and then as often as you need to. Include everything, even the seemingly insignificant details – both positive and negative. If old memories pop into your head – take control, and let them flow freely onto the page. Make peace with your past by writing down what frightened or angered you the most about those painful events.

Always try to talk to someone about any events that can’t be resolved. Sometimes we need a trusted friend or family member – or even a stranger, to help us get over that final hurdle which frees us, so we can finally experience the life we were always meant to live.

Alan Gillies is the Managing Director of the Learning 2 Live Enterprise, an online Lifestyles resource which explores various aspects of business and pleasure, comprising an array of Lifestyle topics which cover Relationships, Health, Wellbeing, Career, Travel & Coaching, and more. Alan has a great deal of hands on experience throughout a wide variety of business disciplines including Coaching and Mentoring, Change Management and NLP training techniques.

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Jul 112010

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Many times during my training in the karate skills, the toughest thing for me was the ability to get all my students to the level of Black Belt. I mean, the majority join kung fu with the goal to become, or at a minimum, shortly after joining they decide they want to become a Black Belt. However, I began to see a real pattern appear the more that I kept track of students that were falling from the class. The pattern made public itself to me clearly as i watched life outside the Martial Art school defeating them. Because life was side tracking them outside the School , they were not finishing the course within the School .

I quickly realized that my gifts and skills lay more in my ability to help outside in life than inside the high-school. I mean, learning to battle is all good, however ; the genuine problem for people is outside the School . So, Creotology personal development was made as a way to bridge this tremendous opening that exists in races life. The training that has resulted is now all psychological. The Creotology personal Development psychological Black Belt coaching isn’t for everybody. The Creotology private Development psychological Black Belt course may move a few of the people too swiftly and they do not wish to be moved. They’re not ready to confront their issues and barriers in life. So , for those folks Creotology personal Development is not for them, but if you’re ready to take on the issues and obstacles of your life then Creotology private Development psychological Black Belt training is definitely for you.

This next set of articles are going to address some of the most noxious issues in races life. First thing to get is a problem or an obstruction ( however you want to look at it ) is caused by shortage of info about the best way to solve the life problem. Proper info melts obstacles. This is the problem most people have is getting the correct info and then applying the info to the difficulty allowing them to figure it out.

This article will talk about the gigantic problem people have of living during the past. This is a straight up, Portal of the Brain problem. In Creotology personal Development we call living in the pasta Portal of the Brain! The rationale is really because the brain and the feelings are stuck in another time about an individual place, or thing and the individual has not let go of the space-time where they were affected. Therefore they continue to live Groundhog Day over and over again. They close down any meaningful relations or finance beginnings because of this and lose out on some of life’s greatest rewards. You know of somebody right now that you are still in a Portal of the Brain about. Think about somebody you judge from experiences that happen between you 2 years agoand you can go all the way back to adolescence. There isn’t any time limit on a portal of the brain.

Portals of the Brain are the destroyer of your happiness and your ability to let go and start to appreciate the journey and the learning experience that you have encountered. worse is they prevent you from living in the now and successfully planning and living your future. Creotology personal Development will give you tools to wreck the portals of the brain, live free, and feel vibrant each day.

Living in the past is not any way to live productively. The power of now is grand and will be appreciated. Live in the experience of the now, however ; remember about the awesome experience of the future. When you free yourself of the portal of the brain, you will begin to shape and mold your future to the design you would like and hunger for. Living in the now is great and good and you need to do so everyday and at all times you can. But when you plan your future you are creating a novel about you, your life, and all the experiences you’re going to have. When written properly and engaged you can experience everything in the now just as you have written it for yourself. This means you can really have your cake and ice cream both ; and eat them too.

Writing your life as you are going to live it is a potent incentive and will bring you all the riches and joy you want as you are writing it and experiencing it. So learn the power of escaping and dissolving the past. Live in the now, but let Creotology private Development psychological Black Belt coaching teach you the way to write it first and then you’ll be free to experience it each step of the way.

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Jul 102010

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You bought the zafu, you broke out the incense, you bought the guided meditation CD, you found a comfortable place in your home near a few potted plants… but this meditation thing is just not working out for you! No matter how hard you try, you can’t quiet your thoughts or find a sense of connectedness. After a few moments, you begin feeling anxious or bored, usually. No matter how many meditation books you’ve read, the real secrets seem to elude you. Perhaps it’s time for you to visit a meditation center to get serious about opening your mind and body to spiritual awakening. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few places to look.

In Los Angeles, the Kadampa Meditation Center is a comfortable white building nestled in the Elysian Valley between Griffith Park and Dodger Stadium, with convenient access from Highway 5. They offer a number of classes, day courses, study programs and retreats. Kids, individuals, couples and families can all attend classes, which focus on breathing techniques, meditation, a short lesson and discussion time. Their website explains Kadampa Buddhist teachings as such: “If we do not maintain a peaceful state of mind we are not happy even if we have ideal conditions. On the other hand, when our mind is peaceful we are happy even if our external conditions are unpleasant.” Rigorous study programs, meditation teacher programs, lunchtime meditations and temple ceremonies are all available. For more information, visit www.nkt-kmc-california.org.

The Insight Meditation Center in New York City is an urban center that focuses on two types of meditation; mindfulness and vipassana. These Buddha-inspired teachings are suitable for beginners, who can come and take a four-week course that teaches the basics. One of their creeds is: “When we carry a burden, it’s heavy; when there’s no one to carry it, there’s not a problem in the world.” The center also holds day long themed workshops such as “Conscious Aging: Applying Open Minded Mindfulness” or “The Gift of Speech: Communicating from the Heart.” For those looking to forge new bonds with like-minded individuals, there are social events like potluck dinners to foster a sense of oneness. To learn more, visit www.nyimc.org.

“There’s a reason why Buddhist monasteries have traditionally been built on high mountaintops or deep in the forest,” says Melvin McLeod, editor-in-chief of the Buddhist publication Shambhala Sun. “Getting into nature and breaking from the usual storylines of our lives helps us to tap into our own deeper consciousness.” According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, the top meditation center programs are incidentally set in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Some of these retreats include: Ananda in the Himalayas (Uttaranchal, India), Shambhala Mountain Center (Red Feather Lakes, Colorado) and The Middle Way Meditation Retreat (Loei, Thailand). Visit www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/ten-top-meditation-retreats/1 for their full “Top 10 Meditation Retreats” list.

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