Jul 092010

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Today we will speak about the ways of penis enlargement. Looking at all of the methods to increase the penis size, we can divide them into: surgery, manual method, enlargement devices and different food supplements which are also called penis enlargement pills like ProSolution and VigRX Plus.
I can tell you right away although all around the world very popular are surgical penis enlargement methods and manipulations, you should forget about them unless it is some penis reconstructive surgery. In penis length or width enlargement this surgical method have not proved itself working, which is already described in some latest scientific reports, but this already is a subject for another article. The penis surgery is expensive and is not covered by the most insurance companies.
As a basic way to enlarge a penis without any harm to men’s health and their sexual functions from very beginning has been manual penis enlargement method. Manual method has many variations but the essence is the specific exercises with penis. Penis enlargement is compared to body building and many call it a mini body building and that is how it actually is! To explain you – the same as in body building there are different methods – stretchers and exercise equipment as well as natural food supplements, but the essential is to exercise. Even in the basis of penis enlargement there is exercising.
Penis traction devices (or stretchers) can be compared to simulators in sport, which relieve you the road towards your goal. Some stretchers are more popular in Europe (SizeGenetics system), another in the USA and Canada (JesExtender traction device), and some completely useless devices. Mechanic devices can be divided in two groups: ones which are meant for penile enlargement in length and straightening out of the curve (SizeGenetics) and ones for enlargement of width of the penis and its head (vacuum pumps).
Penis enlargement pills food supplements for penis enlargement (VigRX Plus, Prosolution) which work by increasing the level of male hormones in blood and despite the beautiful promises on many websites do not work without penis exercises. It can be compared to taking proteins without exercising. Will you have the athletic body just with having proteins and not making exercises? In the same time be sure that these food supplements in combination with other methods will improve the results, especially for men who have lowered level of natural male hormones in blood.
That’s it for today. The natural penis enlargement is possible, but you have the most effective and in the same time safest methods.

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Jul 082010

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The old saying tells us that the best laid plans of mice and men will fail. Not sure how complicated a life a mouse might lead when we’re not watching, but it appears well nigh impossible to plan our busy lives around work and family, without any of those additional “days off” devoted to teacher training, weather or illness!

It would be really nice if everything and everyone were flexible, including schedules and you could just drop everything without notice to care for your ill child.

1. If you can – plan. It’s true that some of these days are unpredictable, but others may be scheduled ahead of time. The weather is always unpredictable of course, but snow days will only be expected during certain months of the year and inset days are almost always planned in advance, so with a bit of work, they can be placed in a schedule.

Sick days present the biggest problem of all, of course. Prepare and plan as best you can, as you know that these days will surely come! If you are struggling with your planning, consider some professional coaching to help you get back on track.

2. Hoard your personal days. If both parents or adults in the household have regular work commitments, it’s important to try and reserve some personal days for the inevitable sick calling. Talk to your human resources department at work and see if your employer will grant you a certain amount of personal days, allowing you to anticipate the scenarios as best you can.

You may well not have any advance notice, so you will need to look at this from every angle to make sure that you are being fair to all concerned.

It would definitely be an advantage if you and your partner have a sympathetic employer who could understand your position. Never use these personal/sick standby days for anything other than the reason they were intended.

3. Set up some favours. If you have several children to take care of, you should come up with a backup plan as well. See if you can get some additional emergency care-giving help lined up among good neighbours or friends. These favours should be repaid in any way you can think of. With a number of emergency backup plans in place, you’ll be able to cope when a sick child or three comes to you.

4. Stock up on vitamins. While on the subject of coping with sick children, remember that any amount of prevention is better than a cure. Teach your children good personal hygiene, that they should eat well, should rest well and be in good health at all times, as they will be less likely to fall victim to those annoying, smaller viruses.

5. Be a good weather forecaster. Always keep a watchful eye on the forecasts during the winter months. These days they are generally much more reliable and if you can see the threat of a blizzard a couple of days ahead, start making contingency plans accordingly. When a school district is closed, you may well not be able to get to your work either, but if the office is open try and set-up a personal day or plan to work from home if allowed.

You might think you have to wear so many different hats, that you never know which one to put on.

These days, online life coaching is available to really help you understand this part of your “wardrobe selection!” If you’re in need of guidance, coaching for women can help you to manage and not panic!

Amanda Alexander, Director of Coaching Mums, helps pressure-cooked, stressed working mums who long for more hours in the day. Through her coaching programmes and online life coaching courses, Amanda shows mums how to create fulfilling and successful lives. For your simple 5 step guide to balance as a working mum, download our free eBook today!

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Jul 072010

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Many people experience some level of shyness or anxiety when faced with new or uncomfortable situations. Making a speech before a crowd. Trying to start a conversation with that cute stranger next to you at the bar. Being dragged onto the dance floor. All of these situations can lead to some degree of nervousness. However, some people actually can suffer through serious physical and mental stress when faced with these types of social interactions. These reactions are indicators of a condition known as social anxiety. There are techniques that can be utlized to alleviate the symptoms of social anxiety, but the first step is to understand why some people react so severely.

There are many causes of shyness, but a few common traits and triggers are easily identified. People with low self esteem typically suffer from some degree of social anxiety. Excessive worry over what other people think and a related fear of rejection are also strong drivers of social anxiety. Memories of perceived past social missteps can also lead to an avoidance of any social interaction that might risk a repeat of the blunder.

If you suffer from social anxiety, or even just common shyness, there are some tips that can be utilized to reduce or even eliminate nervousness in uncomfortable social situations.

Begin making little changes in your behavior

Acknowledge the people you encounter. Nod, smile, and say hello. Whatever’s appropriate.

Maintain eye contact when speaking with someone. It shows confidence.

Go out of your way to strike up a conversation with a co-worker. Nothing high pressure. Just talk about weekend plans or some other chit-chat subject.

All of these simple steps will enable you to start to build confidence in your ability to interact with other people and handle social situations.

Adjust your attitude

A two prong approach to changing the way you think and react can help alleviate social anxiety. Recognize and acknowledge that you will not ‘get it right’ every time. And that that’s okay. Also realize that people are not going to ridicule you when you do ‘get it wrong’.

You will occasionally trip when dancing. You will occasionally fumble your words when giving a presentation. And you will occasionally come off looking silly when trying to hit on a stranger in a bar. We all do.

Have something to say

Do you cringe when you have to make small talk at a party? Try discussing something that you know. Find a common interest that will engage all members of the conversation. Study up and become knowledgeable about current events. That’s always a safe topic.

Practice good conversation skills

When in conversation, avoid asking questions that generate simple yes, no, or I don’t know responses. Ask relevant open ended questions that encourage deeper conversation.

Speak in a slightly louder voice

Shy people typically speak in soft, hard to hear voices. When in conversation, talk moderately louder than you normally would.

Overcoming social anxiety can be as simple as adopting simple changes to your behavior. Beyond these simple changes, there are also a variety of social anxiety self help programs available. One of the most powerful self help social anxiety programs is Social Anxiety Secrets by Dr. Todd Snyder. His program utilizes both downloadable e-book and audio materials to provide a step by step plan to cure shyness and social anxiety.

Click to read a review of Social Anxiety Secrets.

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Apr 272010

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Since 1750, according to the smart historians, we have been relying on fossil fuels like coal and oil for our every need. We have developed systems over the years and become smarter for sure, inventing new ways to use the energy that we rely on to make our lives better. This has been going on in the background, just as we have ignored scientists and environmentalists who have warned us about greenhouse gas emissions and the damage that is being caused to the world all around this.

Only in relatively recent times have we have finally woken up and understood. We have caused considerable damage so far and are now in danger of not being able to slow our reliance on fossil fuels sufficiently to enable us to reverse and repair this damage. Now we can clearly see the benefits of renewable energy and know that helping the environment through tangible change is a necessity.

It is sobering to realise that only about 5% of our energy needs can be met by wind, water, geothermal and solar renewable energy means. It is certainly possible for us to generate enough electricity from such sources for our own consumption, but again unfortunately, it is prohibitively expensive for us to invest in such systems for our homes alone. Solar energy, as an option, is perhaps most often used by home owners, especially in sunnier climes, where they can put panels on the roof to help heat water and run certain appliances.

We hear that certain appliance manufacturers are developing smart products that can be run individually from renewable, external energy sources. In certain cases, a solar panel may be able to run a refrigerator, for example.

Governments around the world are finally taking notice of what’s happening and are making available funds for incentives and grants. Home owners who are more willing to invest in taking steps to retrofit existing systems to replace energy hog appliances will likely get grants from the taxpayer. We can all make a difference and enhance our security from a wider perspective if we make an investment in reducing our reliance on these traditional energy needs.

In its most basic form, we can use a type of renewable energy as one of many ways to save electricity around the home. This could be as simple as using solar energy to dry your clothes, if the climate you live in is appropriate. A washer and dryer machine typically adds a lot to an energy bill. Remember that individual steps can all make a difference and if we take concerted action, we can get there.

If you’re not able to take advantage of renewable energy in your home, insist that those companies that you pay money to make considerable efforts in the right direction. Look for information on companies that favour renewable energy sources. As it is such good public relations, companies that do are falling over themselves to let us know that they are good corporate citizens. Hold them all to account!

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Mar 302010

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We don’t know exactly how hypnosis works; we just know that it does. As a matter of fact, hypnosis is already being used for a lot of reasons. It is used widely to alleviate pain, to get rid of sickness, to get rid of smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicidal thoughts. It can also help people make good with their careers, with their business and even to improve their personal lives. Today, hypnosis is also used to get rid of any form of phobia. But the question is, can it also help to get rid of fear of flying? According to this The Fear of Flying Handbook review, yes, it can. If you have this kind of phobia, it would be best if you can read this review yourself and try to see if this is also the kind of help that you are looking for in order to overcome your fear of flying.

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