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The Law of Attraction and The Master Key System

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The Law of Attraction
In 1913, Charles F. Haanel first introduced a very special course called The Master Key System. This 24 week course has been the basis for many popular courses, books like like Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and motion pictures like ”The Moses Code”. The Master Key System is regarded as the grand-daddy of all self-help courses and it started the widely popular idea of the Law of Attraction. The Universal Law of Attraction is extremely powerful and effective, but many people who have not taken The Master Key System do not correctly understand it.

Our Link To The Universe
Central to The Master Key System is the nature of the mind and it’s relation to the universe. Haanel taught that human beings are linked to the universe via the unconscious mind. A better term is the non-conscious mind because in our today’s world unconscious has taken a connotation that implies something inferior to the rational mind. That is certainly not Haanel’s intention. The Law of Attraction functions as a result of the relationship between the non-conscious mind and the universe. He also taught that the purpose of the rational mind is to direct the non-conscious mind… primarily through the power of visualization. How does that work, exactly?

If you have a desire to create a building, you can’t just say “I want a building.” and that causes the building to suddenly manifest out of thin air. Nobody would expect that to, but that way of thinking represents a common misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction. Instead you visualize the building in detail through designs and blueprints. This visualization is given power by the force of the emotions as you get excited about the project that is mentally manifesting. That motivates the non-conscious parts of the mind which, in turn, interact with the universe to create… or attract… the different things that are needed to actually manifest the physical building. This description seems obvious, and The Master Key System provides a framework and series of exercises that help people really make it happen.

Why Does The Law of Attraction Fail Sometimes?
Even so, there are some people who always seem to be able to make happen what they want and others that seem to have difficultly making anything happen. Why is that? The answer lies deeper in the esoteric description of the both human energy field and how subtle energy manifests into the world of matter.

Human beings are always in communication with each other and the universe through what ayurvedic theory calls the nadis. In fact, the nadis are where the Law of Attraction really operates. So, extremely subtle energetic information flows back and forth through the nadis. At a slightly denser level, information flows in the mental energy body. That’s where ideas and thought forms function. So, when you visualize the building, the mental body is where the action is taking place. At a still grosser manifestation the information moves in the emotional energy body. That, of course, is the playing field of the emotions. And at a still denser level, the information moves in the physical energy body, which can be thought of as a mold for the actual physical body.

Each of the individual chakras functions in all of these energy bodies distributing specific types (or frequencies) of information throughout the entire energetic field. The information is stored in the extraordinary meridians and communicated throughout the physical body by the main meridians. That’s how each organ and tissue receives the correct instructions for how it is to work. Energetic healing emphasizes the important of balance in the entire human energetic system. Things don’t work right if there is imbalance anywhere, because imbalance means that the information being communicated either doesn’t get to the right places or gets there in a distorted form. The mis-information can occur anywhere in the human energetic system and can result in dysfunction in the physical world, the emotions, the mental world, or in the nadis.

The Secret In the Human Energy Field
Since The Law of Attraction’s visualization functions in the mental energy body, it’s motivating emotional force works in the emotional energy body, it’s non-conscious communication with the universe works in the nadis, and actual manifestation happens in the physical energy body, the implication is that if the human energy field is in a state of imbalance and creating erroneous information, the Law of Attraction will also be dysfunctional. If the information exchanged with the universe via the nadis is erroneous, how can The Law of Attraction produce the desired results?

And remember that in energetic healing, distortions in the energy field can be permanent unless they are cleaned. That might cause permanent dysfunction in the Law of Attraction. The key to The Law of Attraction working is that the energy field must be balanced.

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