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Occasionally someone comes along with an innovative solution, which is the case of a California man named Bill Ford. This family man was tired of paying high prices for electricity and decided to do something about it. The creator of HomeMadeEnergy.org and a fully comprehensive guide called Home Made Energy, Ford will show you how to build your own wind or solar-based generator.

In addition to producing energy from your backyard, this is an excellent way of being involved with the “green” movement of saving the Earth. Two specific guides are available, one that focuses on solar and the other that focuses on wind but consumers have a choice of buying one or both. Regardless, the information is extremely detailed and easy to follow.

HomeMade Energy is a revolutionary guide in that methods and information for generating backyard energy is far better from any other guide on the market today. Ford has painstakingly put together instructions so simple that even a teenager could build a homemade generator. Because of the low price, wealth of information, and easy to follow instructions, this has quickly become the number one guide of choice.

The problem is that large electricity companies and various Fortune 500 companies associated with power want the public to believe they have no other choice but to keep paying the rising cost of energy. Obviously, if more and more people begin to make solar power by building their own generators, electric companies will be hit hard in the area of revenue. For that reason, most companies try to discourage homeowners from making homemade generators because they do not want to lose money.

In the United States, almost 94% of all energy used comes from electricity companies and only 0.2% from renewable energy sources. The goal of people like Bill Ford is to educate the public that they have a better alternative. Home Made Energy supports this vision by actually walking people through the simply process of building a generator that will lower energy bills by as much as 80%. With the generator in place, everything in the home that runs off electricity would benefit.

Consumers have several options for renewable energy but not all are a good choice for home use. For instance, some generators are simply too large, some are designed for commercial and not residential use, and others are simply too expensive. However, as you will find with the information in Home Made Energy, you do have a solution, one that is affordable, efficient, and effective.

With the help of family members of friends, and parts/components found at your local hardware or home improvement store, your new backyard generator will be up and running in no time. This product is not one simply thrown together and shoved out to the public but an amazing guide that took Ford years of research and development to complete. He took his expertise and created a guide that will walk you through each step of the process with ease.

You could choose a guide on building a wind-based generator, a solar-based generator, of if you prefer, you could purchase guides such as homemade energy or Earth 4 Energy, for both wind and solar. After all, any extra power produced beyond what you need, can be sold to electricity companies so building both types of generators is not a bad idea. Every diagram needed is found in the Home Made Energy guide, making this a fun and easy project to complete. After being built, your generator will provide you and your family with a long list of benefits such as:

* Hundreds of dollars in savings every month on electricity
* Doing your part in saving the planet
* A fun family and friend project
* Option of going 100% off-grid
* Sell excess power generated to the local electricity company
* Save more money for vacation

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