Jan 282010

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It’s not as if saving money has ever been “out” of fashion, as such, but it is certainly en vogue these days. We used to be concerned about receiving those energy bills and would mutter under our breath as we tore open the envelope. This would always be the time to make a resolution, vowing to turn off all unnecessary lights. Invariably though, we would forget as it didn’t seem quite so urgent for some reason. If we fast forward to today, we seem to be living in a different world. Now we are looking for a whole array of different ways to save electricity, as we realise just how pressing this need is.

There was a time when only environmentalists and those known as “tree huggers” would seem to sense the true urgency of excess energy use and preach to us that we needed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions or we would cause damage to the world we live in. We hear all kinds of reports on the news about how global warming is changing polar ice packs and that people in far-off countries are in danger of losing their ability to feed themselves, due to climate changes and weather pattern alterations. On our own doorstep we hear about companies, which will soon be penalised for failing to reduce their energy use and for emitting carbon, fairly sure that the consequence of these actions will result in additional costs for us to deal with.

Quite apart from the holistic considerations and our concern for Mother Nature, energy costs themselves have been going through the roof. The government has tried and seems to be failing to regulate the energy industry and infrastructure seems unable to cope and is constantly under pressure. Those seasonal spikes in energy seem to be causing more issues as we go along and we wonder how long the system will be able to put up with this, as we continue to rely on fossil fuels for our power. We all know the benefits of renewable energy, but we collectively have not moved forward fast enough to try and embrace them. We would be helping the environment in no small way if we were able to receive the majority of our energy from renewable sources, wind, solar, etc.

Getting down to business, what can we do at home to help both ourselves and the environment? There are a number of options. What about buying highly efficient equipment for our heating and air-conditioning and also our kitchens? Look for a refrigerator, for example, that consumes around 100 KwH per year and you will be in possession of an appliance that is four times more efficient than the European Union average. If you have to spend up to 10% more to actually buy a machine like this it would be okay, as you could save a significant amount of money annually, greatly reducing your electricity bill. These appliances may last for 4 to 5 years and the additional amount you pay to buy them up front will definitely be saved in the long run. Remember that they will need less repairing as well and you won’t be as annoyed by that fan circling on whenever you are trying to sit down and watch the television!

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