Nov 042009

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Is distance healing hard to learn? No it is not, but don’t learn it unless you are going to use it. The strength of the vibration depends on the amount you practise energy healing. And, you can say, the purer the single will become.

It is important to practice the system, not just to get initiated into a particular life force frequency, especially when you intend to attune others into the the energy. Get some, if not a lot of experience with the distance healing of the system you learn before you begin teaching and attuneing others.

This will make the energy purer as it increases the frequency of it. It is good to have the purest distance healing energy right off the top, and the system that carries it is called WhiteLight Self-Empowerment.

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I noticed this effect, since I no longer practiced Usui rieki, after learning WhiteLight Self-Empowerment. The more I used the WhiteLight energy the stronger it became, and the less I used Usui the weaker its energy seemed to be. The stupid thing is that when the vibration gets weak like this you will probably have to get attuned in it again.

Distance healing works best when you are connected and familiar to the source you are channeling. If you don’t practice what you learn you lose the familiarity with it. You might forget the symbols, and the procedures, and then you will fumble through it. In this case you will have a bad connection with the source energy.

Doing it this way makes no sense. My suggestion: start out with the purest source energy. Keep on using it in order to continue creating an ever higher vibration.

The WhiteLight system uses the prefect energy for this. Just keep in mind that it too will fade, just like Usui reiki, if you don’t use it. Let this happen and you will have to be attuned in it again. Keep it strong, and you will channel some awesome distance healing.

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