May 062010

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If alternative energy sources excite you then you’re going to love DIY solar panels. Alternative energy sources must be a part of our future. Our use of fossil fuels is not sustainable.

On several levels this is simply not sustainable. It may seem complex, but in reality making a solar power system isn’t hard at all. Furthermore, the tools and materials needed to get the job done can be purchased at your local hardware store.

For a couple hundred dollars you can buy everything you will need. There are now guides that instructs the homeowner on how to build a solar panel. One solar panel has the ability to create 120 W of electricity.

A solar array can generate enough electricity to power an entire home. Going off the grid is what this is known as. Going off the grid simply means that you no longer rely on the power company to supply you with your electricity.

The electric company will buy back any electricity that you do not use. How awesome is that? There really isn’t anything all that complex about building DIY solar panels. Solar panels actually are a collection of solar cells wired together for efficient power generation.

Photovoltaic refers to the solar cells converting light into electricity. In this case, the light source is the sun. Manufacturers charge tens of thousands of dollars for their solar power systems.

At that price it will take decades before the homeowner recoups their original costs. By making your own solar energy system you can do it for a fraction of that price. We’re talking about top quality work. The cost savings can be substantial as well. Recouping your upfront costs should only take a few months, if that.

As long as the system is maintained properly savings will continue. Alternative energy users qualify for rebates and tax breaks from the government. Even novices with no carpentry skills can take advantage of this.

There are guides available online such as Earth4energy that explain the entire process step-by-step. The instructions come in both video and written form making it very easy to follow. There are numerous advantages to using DIY solar panels.

The sun generates an unlimited amount of power. In addition, there is actually no pollution or carbon footprint involved with using it. I actually consider it to be a noble undertaking.

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