Jul 102010

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LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Would you believe that the laser was a first thought of by Albert Einstein? Back in 1917, it was not yet called laser . Einstein proposed that there are three processes occurring in the formation of an atomic spectral line: spontaneous emission, “stimulated emission” and absorption (Einstein coefficient). The first fully operable laser was invented in 1960..

It was stated that the laser is a “solution looking for a problem” and a solution it is. The laser proved to be useful in medical, military, scientific and commercial applications. In cosmetics, the use of laser for removing hair started in the 1970s as Laser epilators but the FDA did not approved its use as a hair remover because of its painful and ineffectiveness .

Today, due to advancement in laser technology, the FDA finally approved a laser that is safe to use commercially. This particular laser targets melanin, which is a pigment that gives color to the skin. Dark skinned individuals have more melanin than light skinned individuals. Fortunately, melanin is also abundant in hair. Melanin also gives color to the hair.

How does Laser target hair?

Laser works similar to x-ray. X-rays are absorbed by calcium deposits in the bone and shows as light opacities on an x-ray film. Like laser hair removal, the light is absorbed by melanin. Now, if this could be caught on film like x-ray does and the laser was shot on a newly shaved area, you will find multiple small comma-like opacities. These are hairs still found underneath the skin. Now, if you hair is stubble then you’ll get longer comma opacities because hairs are longer. The laser does not really target hair but the laser light is absorbed by melanin and the heat generated by the laser light destroys the surrounding soft tissues (hair bed). Later, the hair follicle is extruded because the body sees this as foreign because the hair follicle is no longer functioning or in other words, “dead” because of absorption of heat.

Getting a laser hair removal treatment used to be offered only in salons but nowadays, there are laser removal treatment kits that are safe to use at home. One of these is the innovative Rio Permanent Laser Hair Removal. Home laser hair removal systems are really convenient for individuals on a budget or too busy and don’t have time to go to a salon.

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