Mar 062009

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There is a song that the universe is singing to each and every one of us. It is the music of the DNA. It soothes us to listen in on the syncopated melodies our interaction with the environment creates in our lives. Sometimes though, we don’t listen and play off key. The orchestration of peaceful melodies is misinterpreted by actions, by thoughts, by association. We experience this “off key” playing as stress.

Harmony is a natural state of experience that is created as our soul vibrates against the universal environment or instrument of our life. Harmony has a particular sound. Harmony has a particular feeling. Harmony is constant. When you sense harmony, your awareness is in tune with the experience. When you sense harmony, you are in tune with life. When you are experiencing harmony, you are experiencing the beauty of living.

Energy is the force that enables the performance of work. Energy is all around us in different forms, being used in different ways. Sensing this energy in the wind as it rustles some leaves is obvious. Sensing sunlight transforming chlorophyll is not so obvious. In either case work is being done, so energy is transformed. Work is being done so energy is moving, energy is vibrating, energy is flowing. Energy is not the movement of the leaf, it is the force expressed as change in motion, change in vibration or change in flow.

Energy Harmonics is a science of transformation. Energy Harmonics is concerned with the orchestration of the universe in your life’s music. Energy Harmonics acts like a tuning fork to help you find, then follow along with the melody your life is creating. Energy Harmonics removes stress. It changes the off-key experience to one full of angelic harmony and creative progress.

There are many holistic modalities for improving our life’s experience – Yoga, vegetarianism, Tai Chi, reflexology, Reiki. The one that you become attracted to relates to your environment of friends, geography, belief system, etc. All holistic wellness programs have in common the concept of affecting life-force, chi or ki. Life-force is the Energy in Energy Harmonics. By becoming aware of this force, one can learn to harmonize with it..chakra

Our life is not a singular event. Our life is a collection of individual, but related situations. Each situation has a life-force of its own. Each situation is related to the environment of its manifestation…the now of its unfolding. The harmony or disharmony of a situation is the relationship between it and your awareness.

Energy is harmonious. Life-force flows. The individual, experiences harmony when they allow life to flow without resistance. Energy Harmonics teaches awareness of the harmonic nature of the universe.

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