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Have I had any bad experiences with energy healing? Let me think about it. In short I can answer with no. The long answer would be:

It might not be that nice when you get some energy healing. Is this then bad? No it is not!

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Everyone has different needs in terms of energy healing. Everyone will have a different experience with the healing. There was this one session where I could not stop laughing after that.

There were healings I had to cry afterward.

And I have experienced energy healing sessions where I practically felt nothing at all.

I am mostly the laughing type.

These strong reactions can occur when the blockages are cleared from your chakras. Then the chi energy starts to flow more abundantly again, which clears out the emotional baggage you are carrying.

This is the main reason that every reaction to energy healing is quite different. It is dependent on which emotions you are repressing. So once, after a very unpleasant experience, I had a WhiteLight Self-Empowerment session, and I cried like a baby.

Whether it was pleasant or not, in the end energy healing has always done its job.

When I was ill sometimes the illness just slowly faded away through it, or was healed quickly, or sometimes the symptoms got even worse, then disappearing all together.

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Energy healing is a cleansing process for your physical and spiritual well being, it is a cleansing process. Are there any guarantees that it will work, and you will be healed? No, and no one should tell you this, as not even your doctor can give you a guarantee.

If you believe in it I think it will work for you more, yet it has been observed that complete skeptics have been healed through energy healing too.

As long as it works, who cares if you feel good or bad? There is no doubt in my mind, and I was a skeptic in the beginning, that it works wonders.

I was even cured from a serious thing: it was a cancerous lump on my back. It vanished over time, and after that all skepticism vanished from my mind forever.

The system that works the best, I my opinion, is the WhiteLight Self-Empowerment energy. It is such a pure and powerful of energy, and it is easy to give and receive, remotely, or directly.

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