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Energy healing what is it all about? Well it does not mean giving the patients little electrical shocks to get their hearts pumping once more. Nor is energy healing a title for a rehab group of people who have suffered a heart attack after getting their electricity bill.

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No, energy healing does not mean we will be using green energy to heal the planet, either.

Energy healing goes back a long way. It is a method, or collection of methods, for healing people with an invisible force called bio-energy, or chi. It can not be measured, and the concept of which in terms of Chinese medicine can not even be explained: no one can remember where it came from.

The important point here: it works!

And that it works is all that Doctors in China care about. They do not question its origins as the results are phenomenal. Over thousands of years of observing nature, the incredible chi gong energy healing system was developed. And it seems to be related to these patterns in nature. Why does this make sense? Because we are part of the great cycle of life, and the universe too, we are all connected.

Everything is ultimately connected. And all of life, everything, is apparently run by chi, which is healing energy.

But is this energy actually healing energy? No. It is simply the energy that makes things run. Our illness come from the fact that this universal energy, that is everywhere, no longer flows through us like it should be flowing.

It is all about unblocking the meridians that let the energy flow when we are healing people with energy. And then they get well again.

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So maybe we should call energy healing: unclogging with energy. So the chi is boosted, or gradually increased, and then the chakras are unclog. After that the energy flows again, and the healing starts.

Anyone can do it, this is the great thing. So to learn how to unclog blockages is easy to learn. The most modern energy healing energy is called White Light, which is the energy of the awesome WhiteLight self-Empowerment system. This system specifically focuses on clearing chakras. It is perfect for unclogging them. You can use this system directly for yourself, or for others.

It is important that chi is always flowing. If it stops, life stops. WhiteLight Self-Empowerment will help you to tune yourself, or others, to keep everything flowing and operating at the highest level of efficiency. It is like the refined, fluid they put into a motor that flushes out the system and keeps it well oiled into the future. Do it! Want to learn more go here:energy healing

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