Oct 272009

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These days how many energy healing systems are there? In the days when I started my spiritual journey, a long time ago now, there seemed to be a handful of energy healing systems. There seems to be more than I can count these days and growing, getting spread by the net.

Usui reiki is no longer the only one: thousands of similar reiki systems now exist. There is an energy healing boom it seems, and has been made even bigger through films like What The Bleep Do We Know, The Chalistine Prophecy, Conversations With God, and The Secret.

Are we all headed toward enlightenment? What is happening with our collective consciousness? Is this a wake up call to the realization we are born to be creators? Or will this just fade way like some pointless spiritual fad? Want to learn more go here:distance healing

I think this is both a fad, and authentic movement toward enlightenment, yet on an individual basis it does not matter. Taking that first step on your spiritual journey is what is important. It is how you do the walking that matters in life not the path you choose. It is not attaining what you might think is the ultimate goal that will bring about the greatest change in you, what changes you for real is everything that happens on the way.

This is how I see it: we are all at different levels of enlightenment, I don’t think that some people are more enlightened than others. It is thus important that there are lots of different energy systems, because it defines us as individuals, but at the same time connects us all in oneness. Want to learn more go here:reiki workshop

Since math is the language of god, if you look at this concept through the eyes of math, the Mandel Brot set, which is a mathematical formula, describes the patterns of the universe in terms of fractals. You will notice that, although every fractal pattern stems out from the same source, each branch becomes something beautifully unique. The branches of the fractal tree are very much like us. We mirror the trunk, or the source. We are always connected, but at the same time we are totally unique.

Like a fractal, or a branch, all energy healing systems have their own unique modulation, yet all are connected to the same source too. If it were a flavor it would not be any less delicious than any other flavor.

But if any are better then there are those energy healing systems that have a higher vibration and are purer in terms of energy, and work more efficiently. A good example of this is called WhiteLight Self-Empowerment. This system works wonder because it focuses on clearing the blockages in your chakras in order to free the chi energy to flow properly again. Learn more right here:energy healing

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