Oct 062009

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Energy healing will benefit your physical well being like crazy. The spiritual benefit goes well beyond the physical.

If you are a skeptic, I was a skeptic too, then I have a few words for you.

Although energy healing has done some dramatic healing for me, I silently scoffed at it in the beginning. The spiritual aspect was the most dramatic thing that really changed my life.

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First lets talk about the healing:

There was a threatening lump on my back that appeared there a few year ago. My wife has a natural healing talent, and a intuitive ability to look deeper into illnesses. She placed her healing hand on my back once each day in the morning. To be honest I did not know about this. Back in those days my wife had just begun training, and realizing her awesome powers.

So the day came for the operation, and by the time I was laid out on the table, and the doctor ready to cut me wide open, she could not find the lump any where. Basically the doctor could not localize the lump. She could not operate. The lump had disappeared.

It was a great day when I saw my wife, and told her what happened. Suddenly her beautiful eyes began to sparkle, and she smiled, and said: I healed you.

Super! I was converted at once to energy healing. To help the healing process, I did nothing; I did not even believe it could work. That she was healing me bit by bit each day I was oblivious to this! Well since those innocent and exciting days Daniela has done some amazing healing, but that’s a different story…

For me, this experience sent me off on my next important point.

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My exciting spiritual journey:

So this is why it is more important? It is simple, if we know that our essential natures are not these physical forms of bodies but in truth consciousness, then we are actually spiritual beings. Which means we have never been sick as consciousness can not get sick. Only our bodies that get ill, not our true self. Someday our bodies will die, when our consciousness will live forever.

Energy healing gave me a chance to discover my true self. I am consciousness, the observer. It was energy healing that filled my life and relationships with unconditional love, as it help me begin my spiritual journey, which continues today.

I changed, I was no longer a skeptic. If this had not happened I fear I would be very unhappy today. Energy healing is a spiritual experience powered by the power of our thoughts, which creates reality, and influences yourself and others. Look at it this way, maybe its time to explore something that might someday lead you to more happiness, there is nothing in life to gain by being a skeptic. Learn more right here:energy healing

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