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Why does energy healing work? Life is created and maintained with what is called by Taoists: yin chi and yang chi, this is the energy it works through. Chi is bio energy, and it gives us life. It fills and surrounds everything, and can be controlled by Kung Fu masters, Buddhist monks, and others. Energy healing uses yin chi when healing others, directly or remotely. At one level or another anyone can use it, only its intensity depends on your level of training.

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Healing is promoted by correcting disturbances in the energy field of human and animal alike, or aura, and enhancing energy flow. When the flow in the energy field is improved, the self-healing capacity of the mental and physical body is supported.

This energy healing source called chi, has been documented by science for its effect, yet not proven: no instruments exist yet that can measure chi as a physical energy. Chi is not electricity. It is a spiritual bio energy, which is likely produced through mental capacity. Although science can measure its effects, chi itself as a proven force is near to impossible to explain. There is, however, no doubt that is can be very effective.

On the other hand, science can measure people who have natural gift of healing. They apparently have a specific Hertz frequency, which normal people do not have. As anyone can learn energy healing, this does not matter.

Since everything is energy through movement, energy healing works with the energetic level of life. Nothing, according to science, actually exists until it moves. When something moves it creates a frequency, and that frequency has a certain vibration. Get powerful energy healing here:healing reiki

All healing ultimately involves energy, since everything material or otherwise is energy. Working directly with energy will influence the physical, mental and emotional level of reality.

Anyone can do energy healing.

People have been healed from really bad illnesses. Paralyzed people, through will power, have been made to walk again through their inner healing powers. And others, even skeptics, have been healed of cancer, etc.

Although many charlatans will guarantee healing through energy healing, this should not be promised. Modern medicine on the whole, although not holistic, is quite valid, and should be respected. Always see a regular doctor first, or have a regular treatment. Do not underestimate it. Miracles happen every day. Energy healing, combined with the loving support from family, regular treatment, and prayer, will have a huge, positive effect on your well being. Learn more right here:reiki courses

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