Feb 122010

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Is there a secret of how to make energy healing work best?

If you want to know the secret about energy healing of how to make it work best for you keep reading you might not be aware of it.

Let me ask you a question before I tell you the secret of energy healing.

In your life what thing is the most important of all? Is it your house, car, dog, family, your job? Is it food? We would die without it.

No, it is something you probably did not think of at all, what is the most important thing is awareness!

Why? What is the explanation?

You would be utterly oblivious to everything without awareness.

Not even you would exist without awareness.

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Is awareness in your mind? No it is not.

It is the power that runs the mind, the light inside of it. The more you become conscious of your awareness the more you understand that you are the observer that sees, feels, hears, and tastes all of reality that is within and without you, the greater quality your life will be.

This includes energy healing also. When you become more aware that you are not, as your true nature, a shell of flesh and bone, but you are pure awareness the more potent your energy healing will become.

Although your your ego has a purpose, it is part of your logical mind, and it is the darkness. To increase the power of your energy healing you must stop identify with your ego and start becoming one with your awareness.

Let WhiteLight Self-Empowerment show you the way to some very powerful and pure energy healing. Identifying with your awareness is made easy though WhiteLight. Let it enhance your intuition. It will show you a means in itself, the light, the way to true happiness.

Happiness is not like any other goal. All other goals are just a means to an end, and what end is that? That end is happiness.

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