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Energy healing will heal you today as much as it has healed in the past. The Chinese and Egyptians, among other cultures, have practiced energy healing since recorded history. It would be an easy guess to say that energy healing is probably the oldest form of healing there is.

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These days it is becoming something new, inspired by quantum physics, and the new age movement. It is thriving today through popular books and films, online and offline. The business of energy healing is huge, it is a billion dollar online niche.

Growing and growing, its popularity knows no boundaries. The people of the West are starting to understand the ancient concepts of chi, ching, acupuncture, and more since China has opened somewhat to the West. These kinds of traditional energy healing forms are now becoming wide spread. Yoga, reiki, meditation courses, are a handful of these traditions we love

This ancient knowledge of energy healing has to be rediscovered, which we are doing in the west. Why? Because the Chinese never had an energy healing university. Most Chinese doctors who use the concept of chi healing do not know where chi healing originated from. Since they have great success with it, they use it, no questions asked. Much of this ancient Taoist wisdom is hidden in secrecy. Old masters die, imparting their secrets to a single student, or not at all, and it is lost forever, thus this information is actually vanishing rather than growing.

If the Chinese would have created universities like we did in the West, they could have preserved this incredibly powerful and beneficial knowledge. Then we could All benefit from it. East can meet West is this case. People in the West are now ready to learn, and embrace this incredible energy healing information.

On the other hand, we here in the West have some great places to go online. Here you too can begin your own spiritual journey. You can learn to give and receive energy healing.

One of these places to look is WhiteLight Self-Empowerment. It is one of the purest and widely used energies around. It is a registered system, well documented, and easy to access and learn for everyone, which means its vibration will remain strong into the future. WhiteLight uses life-force energy, which is like chi, and works great for clearing your chakras. People have had some great success with it, as it connects you to the highest source and enhances peoples well-being.

WhiteLight Self-Empowerment does a great job of bringing the old into the new. Is it an old taste you are looking for? Then try the new: it might taste even better.

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