May 282010

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How real is this energy healing? How real is reality? Is it all just energy? This is what Quantum physics says: nothing is real, and stranger still, that nothing comes from zero. This zero is the quantum zero point field to be specific, which is actually nothing.

It is a mind-boggling scientific, and metaphysical riddle that we will probably never be able to answer, because zero in incalculable, and that zero can be called god, embodying the great mystery.

Yet, like all of reality as we know it, the concept of energy healing was born out of the quantum zero point field. Before something becomes real it begins as a wave, and then collapses into an idea, which someone had to think of, then it becomes a particle, or concrete and measurable in our realities.

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Indeed, everything is a wave, according to quantum physics until you observe it, at that point the wave function collapses, and then it becomes a particle. They have actually proven this through experiments.

This means, in general terms, that healing with energy is not real until you focus on it. All things belong to a certain morphic field including energy healing.

What is a morphic field? It is a field of energy created through focused ideas. Morphic fields are created through an idea, which combines with another identical idea.

The field will grow larger the more of that same idea is attracted to that field. On the other hand, that morphic field is bound or limited to that particular idea.

This becomes a closed reality, as the morphic field contains its own set of rules. Yes anyone can connect to that morphic field and be part of the energy healing, yet it is real only within the confines of its rules, or morphic field.

Since everything we know has its own morphic field then energy healing is real and every other thing you can dream of too. In order to channel new information, you must be set apart from all existing morphic fields. You can not be trapped in them.

Being connected to the quantum zero point field is when you can start creating with endless possibilities. Limits are reference point within morphic fields.

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