Oct 072009

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Can energy healing be very powerful? Yes. The most powerful energy healer I have ever seen lives in Java.

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A Taoist kung fu master is what this man is. Not many people can do what he can do. He is one in one thousand people who have this awesome gift of chi manipulation. His abilities are comparable to the rare talents of an Olympic athlete in terms of energy healing, but without the steroids. He mainly focuses on acupuncture, which he combines with the chi bio energy that he transmits through the needles.

Unimaginable by western standards, is his chi’s intensity.

Although born with an incredible gift, still he had to train hard for decades to achieve this level of power. Fantasy films is where you will find the things he can do for real. He is able to drop a large man to the ground unconscious with just 2% of his chi powers, and without even touching him. He can heal people instantly with the touch of his hand. He once survived a terrible car crash that would have normally crushed him through the focus of his chi, and much more.

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His path is to heal people for free, although he is probably the most dangerous man on earth, and could hurt them just as easily. He’s the kind that has gone from rags to riches: a street kid that became a self made millionaire. Energy healing, I think, is what you can directly link his success to.

So since this man has decided to use his powers for the good of all, his success is magnified. So all of this energy healing he focuses in the end also benefits himself: everything we think, whether good or bad, starts in our auras first.

Do we need to have super powers? No. Anyone can use chi energy to heal others if properly trained.

The important thing is to help others. Give people want they want, not what you want, this is the real secret to energy healing success. The reason for this is that when you give people what they want, ultimately you will get what you want. I’m not saying you should give everything for free: this is not a healthy way of doing things.

That there is an energetic balance is important. In my example of the millionaire healer, although he does indeed heal for free, there is some kind of universal balance happening. It probably works like this: the more he uses his powers for the good of all, the more success he experiences in his business life.

The simplest way I can put it: focus on the good, and the good will focus on you. Just try it out. If you try, or learn energy healing, you will see what kind of success it will bring you. Learn more right here:energy healing school

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