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If you look into traditional Taoist history energy healing is found in chi gong, or Qigong.

Techniques for dealing with human energy flow is found in this kind of energy healing. It is the active use of the human body’s chakras and meridians, when one uses these techniques. Chi, or Qi, energy flows through these focus points, and channels of the body.

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It is the opinion of Chinese medicine that a great deal of illnesses are caused by blockages in these channels. When you learn to become aware of the internal energy of the body, to practically utilize, circulate, and direct it, people can also connect with the energy of the universe, which is the yang chi, and of the earth, the yin chi, and then learn to interact with all of nature as a whole force. Chi gong can alleviate pain, strengthen the body’s constitution, improve intelligence, and prolong life, through these techniques and energies.

Western philosophy is to concentrate exercise on muscular development. Through exercise applying a load of outside forces, this builds up strength: we work from the outside inward. From the inside, outwards, Chi gong works the body the exact opposite way. To connect the body and spirit is its goal. Breathing, concentration, and physical movements are highly focused to increase chi.

Some great masters of this art have so much control of chi that they can do super natural things like: light things on fire, heal cancer instantly, survive car crashes that would normally kill a man, make solid objects turn into dust, cut a banana in half with there fingers, without touching it, like a laser, etc.

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This is a whole new level for these people of energy healing. The power of their energy healing chi is unreal: they could drop a large man to the ground unconscious with only 2% of their power. There are about 74 different levels, and it takes about 9 years to pass level 1, they train their whole lives to attain this.

Is this kind of super human energy healing for everyone? No. But energy healing is not hard to master. You don’t have to live in China to learn it either. To reach some awesome peak of enlightenment I don’t think you have to train your whole life either. If you listen to your inner voice I think enlightenment can come at any time and place.

We are all part of the great oneness. There is still so much left to discover. Enlightenment is often made hazy by tradition. Its all about discovery. Because we are creator. When you discover something, you are actually creating it. WhiteLight Self-Empowerment is probably the purest modern energy healing systems around today.

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