Sep 142009

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Essential energy healing–looking for the most essential system for energy healing? Then look no further than this WhiteLight Self-Empowerment review. Learn more here: essential energy healing

Essential energy healing can be found in WhiteLight Self-Empowerment, why?

Well, your aura is where the healing always starts first when you heal other people. This effect becomes much greater though WhiteLight Self-Empowerment. Why? This system focuses on opening chakras: clearing them, enlarging, and curing them, to energize them, and connect all of the chakras together. The healing effect that you will first experience is enhanced by all of this. WhiteLight will clear our physical body right down to every cell. It clears our entire ethereal body as well.

The cool thing about it is when you work with this system on a regular basis, your vibration actually increases, meaning it will be easier to come into contact with your higher-self. You might connect with your spiritual guides too, and lots of other higher information sources.

Essential energy healing should first begin with you. Indeed, WhiteLight is very well conceived for the purpose of self healing, and for healing other people. In truth everything begins in your aura first, not just healing. This means that your bad contemplations as well as your good thoughts start there first also. This is part of the law of attraction, and the law of universality, which tells us that everything is one! Thus, if you wish bad things for others, you have just created that badness for yourself, and visa-verse. It is that easy. The universe works in mysterious ways. Learn more here: become a reiki master

Essential energy healing works exactly this way. Indeed, when you compound the good within the energy system like WhiteLight Self-Empowerment, the vibrational frequency will be that much more powerful!

Working with this system means you will become very clear in your thoughts and feelings. Since this will sharpen your intuition, this is good for channeling, and distance healing, and essential energy healing.

Personally I have had some really great experiences with WhiteLight. The highest vibrational frequency belongs to white. Spirituality, healing, clarity, and transcendence is what it symbolizes. I believe that white is closer to the creation source than anything else. In the subtractive color scheme of light white is all the aura colors mixed together. White is the combination of all of the universe.

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