Apr 272010

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You do not have to move to a cabin in the mountains and live off the land if you are thinking about helping the environment. You must have noticed how environmental issues are in discussion everywhere these days, not to be ignored. We use way too much energy and are very careless with our consumption and must all learn how to be more sustainable as we go forward. Yes, this means we will have to think about everything that we do as we go about our daily lives. Find ways to save electricity at home and really learn about the benefits of renewable energy, to see whether we can apply at least some of these ideas to our lives.

What can you do to help save the environment? Here’s a small list of steps that you can take at home, right now, which would make a difference. If all of us were to apply what we read here, there would be a remarkable change over the long haul.

1. Look at all the bulbs you have in your house. It is much better to use compact fluorescent bulbs than those traditional incandescent items that use a lot of energy. Begin by changing all the light bulbs in the house. You’d be surprised just how many bulbs you have. While you might be a little shocked when you buy these bulbs to start off with, government energy statisticians tell us that you could save the difference in cost within your lower electricity bills, during the space of a year.

2. Be a much better steward. Send whatever is acceptable to the recycling plant. Process biodegradable waste and leftover food, bury it in the ground rather than sending it to local rubbish tips. Experts tell us that 20% of the rubbish that we produce is actually biodegradable and we could get rid of it ourselves without stressing the system unnecessarily. Whenever this trash is picked up, a lot of energy is used to do so and we could save all of this.

3. Look at your transportation. Consider whether you could share transportation with fellow worker/employees on a daily basis. Why not pool resources and cut down your bill, and the bill of a co-worker at the same time. It seems nonsensical when you look at all those cars jammed on the motorway in the morning, the vast majority of them with just a single occupant. We have known about this for some time and cannot deny that it is really silly and as we wait for politicians to perfect public transportation systems, we should all exhibit some common sense.

4. Plant trees in your back garden. Trees are great for our environmental problems and the thorny subject of climate change. They attract carbon dioxide emissions that are otherwise spewed into the air by power consumption. Plant them to protect your home from the direct sunlight and even cut down on your cooling bills in the summer. If you have a noisy highway nearby, a couple of well positioned trees will help to cut down on your noise pollution, as well.

You see, just by being creative we can make a difference in almost every activity we engage in.

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