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In an effort to reduce energy bills, both homeowners and businesses are looking to solar power as a viable alternative. Purchasing a DIY solar power kit is one of the simplest ways to add this type of renewable energy to your system. However, there are five important things with which you should be familiar before you make such a purchase.

Solar Power Dimensions

The exact measurements of the solar panels should be indicated on the DIY solar power kit, which will help you determine if your roof space is sufficient for the solar module. Further, ensure that you know the solar panels’ weight, which is necessary information if you have roof tiles as they will factor in determining if your roof can support the solar panels. Knowing both the weight and the dimension is necessary to determine if your roof can withstand the extra load.

Total Power Generation

You should calculate the amount of power you use in your home before you install any DIY solar power kit. You should also decide how many appliances you will connect to your solar power system. Once you have this figure calculated, purchase an appropriate DIY solar power kit. There are kits of different sizes available to meet your requirements; additionally, some kits can be interconnected if one is not enough.


The solar power panels are exposed to the harsh elements of nature, such as sun, rain, hail and snow. The frame should be made out of durable material, like aluminum. The solar cells should be covered with tempered glass.

Long-Term Warranty

Be aware that it can take years to see a return on investment for a DIY solar power kit. Because of this, it’s a good idea to consider the length of the product’s warranty before you buy it. Most experts recommend getting a 20- to 25-year warranty on new solar panels.

Installation and Maintenance

Select a DIY solar power kit that has easy installation. You can purchase kits that come with all the components you’ll need to start your own solar power system. Additionally, you should also consider one that will require only minimal maintenance over the years in service. Look for solar panels that require at least an annual scrubbing to keep the panels working at maximum potential.

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