May 092010

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It seems simple and it is, but some people still don’t appreciate the fact that turning the central heating on can reduce the need for wearing layers in the home. Not only do they hinder your movements, but sitting in your coat because the house is freezing cold really isn’t an attractive look. And of course, the visitors wouldn’t be too pleased if they popped round.

Go Digital

Many homeowners would like to turn their central heating on but don’t in case it costs too much. One of the best ways to get round this is to have a digital thermostat so you can have more control over the heating bill. A digital thermostat also makes sure the heating isn’t turned on for the whole day which would run up a large bill. In fact, you’ll be glad of the digital thermostat when summer comes around and there’s inevitably a few days a month when it gets a bit chilly and you think you have to resort to turning the central heating on for the whole day. With a thermostat, you can have the heat on for as long as you like.

Keeping The Kids Warm

Each winter morning can be bitter when you have to get up out of bed and venture downstairs in a cold house, but central heating puts a stop to that. Set the central heating to come on at around 7am and by the time you get up, the house should be pleasantly warm for you and your family. There’s nothing worse than feeling cold, and someone reluctant to turn the central heating on inevitably means more layers of clothing you have to put on. The problem is, wearing lots of layers of clothing just warms you, not everyone else, so it would mean your whole family had to wear multiple layers when milling around the house! Also, if there are kids in your family, it is even more important that they stay warm and central heating is a necessity. Children should be kept warm and the central heating should be turned on. People take heated homes for granted and if you step outside on a cold winter’s day you will soon run back inside and appreciate the warmth your central heating provides.

So, now you know. Turn the central heating on and then people wont feel like they are braving the arctic when they head downstairs, wrapped in a dressing gown. Reserve the warm woolly jumpers for when you’re outside, not for sitting on the sofa inside. Keep your family toasty warm.

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