May 202009

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Become a Reiki Master

Reiki is a very old method healing art. Reiki comes from the Japanese word that is loosely translated as “mysterious atmosphere; spiritual power”.There are different levels of reiki practitioners that one can attain.

When learning this ancient art, the first stage is to become a Reiki student. Once a student has acquired the necessary knowledge of Reiki, and have received the attunement from a teacher to heal both themselves and others, they graduate to practioner of this energy healing method.

Reiki teacher (also known as master) is the highest level of certification. Only healers who have gained deep knowledge on this ancient healing practice is allowed to use the title of a Reiki teacher or Reiki Master. A reiki master is one who has received one of the reiki symbols, and is certified to teach students and attune the students through the 3 levels.

Become a Reiki Master

Almost everywhere in the world Reiki is known to have 3 levels or degrees.

On the first stage the student receives basic training and is shown how to heal himself/herself and others. On this level the student reiceives 4 attunements from the teacher.

On level 2, the reiki practitioner is trained into using the special reiki symbols which make him an even powerful healer. Another attunement ceremony is conducted in this level. In this level the student graduates to become a practitioner.

In the last level, the practitioner graduates as a Reiki Master and is allowed to use a powerful teacher level Reiki Symbol. The new Master is able to not only heal others near and far but also certify others as Reiki practitioners and teachers.

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