Jul 122010

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The history of a limousine begins not with the NBA as most people think but in France and it is usually identified with a style and luxury. So, the history of the limousine goes from the French province named Limousine. The shepherds grazing their flocks in the fields wore special hoodies, which protected them from rain, wind or snow. They used to call these hoodies ‘limousines’. It will make sense a bit later.

In the beginning of 19 century, first car began to appear in the world, most of them had open body. A bit later cars inventors understood that such construction was uncomfortable for passengers of a car, so they began to think over possible decision. The decision came in due time and special removable hoods were created to protect the passenger compartment from elements. These hoods were given the name of shepherd’s hoodies and had been called limousines since then.

A bit later, in 1921, a New Yorker called James P. Carey established his own profitable business. He noticed that there was demand for cars, but people didn’t want to drive themselves they wanted to be driven. That was it; Mister Carey used the idea and provided people with chauffeured cars the needed. But those were not simple cars, but luxury ones. This business made Mister Carey a millionaire and introduced a new meaning of the word ‘limousine’. Now it was a luxury chauffeured car.

In 1970 one more New York inhabitant named David Klein introduced something new to the auto industry. It was the year of the taxi strike and suddenly David Klein got the idea to create stretch cars driven by chauffeurs that could be rented for a certain sum of money. These cars were also called limousines but already in the traditional for us meaning of the world. Since then limousines have become the indication of prosperity while to rent a limousine is an expensive treat. Famous people usually use limousines to go to the premiere or something else. As you have already understood, limousines first appeared in the USA. A special limousine was created for the President of the United States.

It was another New Yorker, named David Klein, who made the “stretch” limousine popular. In response to a taxi strike in 1970, Klein got the idea of making special stretch luxury limousines available for hire in big cities across the United States. The stretch limousine became a standard for the rich and famous and a mark of importance and wealth. They became associated with government figures as well and there was a Presidential Limousine made for the use of the United States President.

Nowadays it is a tradition for famous people to have their own limousines. That is why people can’t remain indifferent. When they see a limo passing by them they are usually staring at the car ,trying to make out whether there is someone famous inside or not. Modern limousines have everything possible inside, for example, phones, mini-bars, TVs, etc. Apart from this all, no Hollywood event can’t do without limousines, which have become the symbol of special occasions.

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