Jan 282010

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There’s no point in trying to brush the problem of excess energy use under the carpet any longer. We need to realise that change begins at home and it is up to each one of us. If we own or rent a home and use all the creature comforts that we are used to, then we are responsible for using a certain amount of energy and have, consequently, a carbon footprint to worry about. We cannot turn to big business and blame them for everything, nor can we half-heartedly point to the fact that we might take the bus when we go to work and not use a car. We all need to make big changes and look for ways to save electricity wherever we can find them. A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.

Before you do anything else, go around all your doors and windows and look to see that they’re fitting properly. Don’t just give it a cursory glance as you likely won’t be able to see any problems with the naked eye – and as such, you should use an open flame to see if you have any drafts or even run your hand over the edges. There is no sense whatsoever in heating the inside of your house or using air conditioning to try and cool it down during the brief hot spells that we get, if your hard earned money is flying out the window. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your house is as airtight as you can make it before worrying about your cooling and heating costs.

Rooms that are only rarely used should be isolated and you can put timer activated lighting appliances in these areas. Motion detectors are good as well as they will activate and deactivate the lights when people move around. Unplug all electrical items when they’re not actually in use, as they can still drain electricity when connected to a wall socket. It’s best if all computers are turned off at night. You have no need to keep them on for this period of time and they will only build up heat within, anyway. Remember every bit helps and it will all add up over the course of a year.

We all know of the benefits of renewable energy, but once again, we tend to think that it’s a project for somebody else. Solar energy panels could be a good idea? Some home owners run their entire property on solar power, using either roof mounted panels or additional panels in their garden. One of the ways to save electricity is to cut down on its extraction from the grid and to reduce the size of your footprint. If our footprint is too big, we need to get more energy efficient “shoes” and not continue to be extravagant in everything that we do. Turn your water heater thermostat down a notch and try to avoid using electricity to heat your water, as it is very inefficient. They say that roughly 2/3 of the energy actually produced to get the electricity to you, to heat your water in the first place, is lost in the distribution system. For efficiency’s sake, oil or gas fired water heaters are much better, more highly efficient and will be far more beneficial when it comes to helping the environment as well.

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