Apr 202009

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Wind power is not a new term, Don Quixote and the windmills reach back to the 16th century. It has only been in the past fifty years or so that renewable power and the need to find alternate power sources have surfaced. Wind power for the home is now a viable alternative, being used in many individual homes and in large areas like cities and towns.

Residential, single home residences can be powered by wind turbines that power generators for appliances and other household use. As the wind turns the blades of the wind turbine energy is created.

The power that is collected by the shaft is sent to a power storage area such as a battery. The powered stored there must then be passed through an inverter to make it a useable current for household use. The amount of power produced varies depending on the wind turbine’s size, how high the wind tower is erected and the amount of wind the tower receives.

Wind powered homes are typically powered both by the local power company and the wind power generator. If the wind speeds decline below the necessary speed and no electricity is created, the local power kicks in. On the other hand, if the wind powered generator produces too much power it is sold back to the local power company.

Another option is for the homeowner to go completely off the local power grid. In order to do this, the homeowner must have batteries to store the electricity created by the wind turbine. A home completely off the grid could experience severe outages if the wind is slowed for any length of time.

Inter-tied wind turbine power and off grid turbine power are both renewable energy sources for powering homes. This same power can be used for towns and cities but it takes more than one wind powered turbine to produce that amount of energy.

Large scale power production from wind turbines required large scale wind turbines set up in clusters. These clusters are known as wind farms. Wind farms are typically set up on large areas of flat land where the wind is on average 14 mph. These wind farms, once developed, are free from inflation and offer a free source of renewable energy.

The energy gathered by the wind farms is collected and sent to generator stations to be distributed to homes and businesses. This energy, in areas that are windy, is a renewable source available at all times.

Wind turbines are able to produce energy for homes and with the use of wind farms on a larger scale for towns. Facing the depletion of our natural resources wind energy is a viable option for supplementing power. Homeowners can build their own wind powered turbine to add to their home energy and reduce power bills.

If you are thinking about installing renewable power in your home then it is well worth taking into consideration a Homemade Power option, as these are easy to make and install. They also cost a fraction of off-the shelf systems.

There are some great Alternative Energy Resources available on the Internet these days, so check them out before you commit yourself.

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