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You Get Energy or Just a Gut from Energy Drinks?

A lot of people ask me whether the outrageous claims of energy drinks have been verified.Young consumers are especially interested in getting an energy boost that will help them win.

A couple good questions asked will find out if energy drinks will boost your energy and whether they are good for you.You are going to want to know if these drugs have a magical formula and if they will help you lose weight. Let’s put it this way, energy drinks are not some ways that you can shed weight quickly.

Rather than giving you energy, these drinks are designed to give you an enormous gut.By mixing and some of the B vitamins with the taurine and caffeine, marketers want you to think that these drinks are healthy.You get nothing but amounts of abdominal fat from the high fructose syrup that is in energy drinks.

In fact these calories are worse than if you just ate refined sugar.

If you want to go the route of the sugar-free versions of energy drinks, you then we will have to deal with all the chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

Besides the chemicals, some experts believe that the artificial sweeteners actually encourage calorie consumption and weight gain.

It will take some time to discuss this subject so we will do that later.All you need to know is that artificial sweeteners and the chemicals in general are bad for you

Then there is the caffeine: do not you get energy from that?Not really: you only really get energy from carbohydrates fats and proteins.

Caffeine can stimulate your nervous system to help you stay awake and be alert.The extra caffeine probably will not help you much if you already drank coffee.Besides you would be better off getting your caffeine from a natural source such as white or oolong tea.

Natural tea will also help you because of their antioxidants.Let us talk about the taurine and B vitamins that are in the energy drinks.

You can get taurine and virtually any protein source, and you are just going to pee out the B vitamins anyway. healthy foods to eat will get you the nutrition you need.

You are better off getting vitamins from natural food sources not from artificial drinks because your body will absorb more vitamins if they are from natural sources.

So let’s give energy drinks thumbs down because of their misleading claims and damaging effects on the body.
Instead, consider mix up your own energy drink with natural tea your berry or pomegranate juice and some denatured whey protein.

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