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With energy costs higher than they have ever been in recent history, it pays to find ways to reduce your central heating costs. Here are some essential tips for cutting down those central heating costs that eat into your wages each month. No matter what changes you decide to make, just bear in mind that the small ones can have a large impact on the overall costs, so it is well worth considering all possible improvements outlined below.

1. The best way to start saving money is to find your boiler and check that the hot water thermostat isn’t turned up too high. I wouldn’t go below 120-115 degrees.

2. Its something that many people neglect, but in addition to changing the temperature, you should also clean out the filters of your boiler to make sure that nothing is preventing it from working properly. A dirty and clogged filter will force your unit to work much harder and stay on longer as it struggles to penetrate anything through the central heating system.

3. Check your air ducts for gaps, leaks or disconnects. If you have any disconnects or leaks, your heating bills could be 25% higher than they need to be if these gaps were sealed. Its fine if you don’t trust yourself to do this though, because the central heating experts can come over and sort it for you. Also, you can kindly ask the engineer to check the ducts whilst he is at your home, and this will help you to make sure you are being as energy efficient as possible.

4. Adjust your thermostat a few degrees lower. Believe me, this really adds up. When the bill comes through you will be glad you did this.

5. It may be that your thermostat isn’t a modern, programmable one, this should most definitely get upgraded. By doing this, you will have much more control over when your house should heat up, and equally when it should cool down. The great thing about this is that you can have a lovely warm house just before you arrive home, as the thermostat will only program heating and hot water as you want it to be. These aren’t too expensive and are easy to install and configure yourself.

Just by spending some time reading these tips and deciding to take notice could make all the difference to your central heating bills. The great thing is that a lot of the advice included here can be done quickly and easily, so it is very little hassle to get it sorted. Now is the time to get stuck in – or decide if you need to call the engineer out, just to lend a hand.

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