Jul 072010

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Whenever anyone gets tired of modern life, and the constant stress caused by always being on call, people are running away to the countryside to bring them that much needed relief. Camping is probably the best way to really get away from all that electronic babble that we are so used to, but being adequately equipped is also very important. For example, there will be a need for fixed blade knives or hunting knives to facilitate the killing of food or the preparation of firewood or other such necessities. Of course, they come in handy for protection from anything that is lurking around as well!

When we were children the art of building our own tent came in the form of old blankets and sheets to make up a shelter outdoors. Probably the nearest we got to having decent camping gear was the sometimes hand me down sleeping bag. But these days there are some really high tech gizmos on the market to make that foray into the wilds safer and more comfortable for sure.

Lightweight and water proof materials are made into all kinds of accoutrements to keep the party in good order. Two man tents can be found that weigh only a few pounds each making them a great thing to take along for overnight stops. These are easy to put up too and are not like the old fashioned Chinese puzzles which caused so many problems years ago! They usually come with an integral ground sheet too and mesh windows to keep out flying insects while we sleep. Even ‘skylight’ windows are incorporated so that the night sky can be seen all through the night. Another essential item that should not be left behind comes in the form of a tiny fluid filled compass. This hand little gadget only costs around a dollar but the importance of carrying one goes without saying. All the members of the party should carry one for those times when the party gets split.

Clothing for camping trips has also gone high tech too. Lightweight and airy underclothes mean that the wearer will stay comfortably warm while sweat is allowed to escape. This makes for a much more comfortable trip since the body temperature is kept to just the right level without having to keep on disrobing or dressing when the weather is changeable. Boots are also a necessity when trying any kind of hiking or camping trip that includes some rough terrain. Having good ankle support in the boots will ensure that legs do not get damaged. Even the socks inside should be of a similar material where sweat cannot build up and cause people to become very uncomfortable.

These days, the array of gizmos and clothing for camping has gone sky high. Try having a look around the internet to see what new styles and materials are on offer. But do not forget that this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience so a lot of articles may be left behind particularly if the trip is only a short one. However, for the sake of safety, make sure that the minimum equipment is packed and carried along.

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