Jan 182009

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Carbon neutral means that all your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are offset by carbon credits. You can purchase these for your home, car or air flights, compensating for all your personal CO2 emissions. Carbon standards are expected to come into effect very soon. While mandatory reporting is a useful tool for managing carbon change, what is lacking in a lot of these programs is the ability to provide contextual detail, or to showcase carbon reduction achievements. Carbon rewards or credits work the same way as taxes in that you pay a surcharge on carbon emitting products such as gasoline, etc. But rather than having the money fall into the hands of government the money flows back directly into the hands of consumers in terms of credits.

Carbon trading markets bring buyers and sellers of carbon credits together with standardised rules of trade for home energy solutions. A handful of Sri Lankan companies are already involved in this exercise. Carbon trading thrives on secrecy. In the world of carbon markets, as in the world of markets everywhere if left unchecked, business confidentiality trumps the public right to know. Carbon Offsets are offered by many companies, usually in the renewable energy field and the reforestation industry. Individuals or companies wanting to offset unavoidable carbon emissions can invest in wind turbines to provide electricity or can provide funds to companies that carry out reforestation projects.

Carbon Planet is a credible, trusted partner to help you offset your emissions with honestly and integrity. Carbon emissions lead to global warming, and global warming results in many devastating results. Some of the effects of global warming include hot temperatures, the extinction of certain plants and animals, as well as the melting of ice in regions around the world. CarbonKredits.com will help you understand the rapidly growing carbon credits and changing area of carbon credits. Simply select a link on your left to answer any of your questions about carbon credits.

Forests can be left to stand. Fuel usage can be cut and power generation can be more efficient and all this reduced consumption of carbon will mean that less carbon credits will have to be purchased. Forested land brings a higher price, mainly because trees capture more carbon dioxide than field crops. Both sequester it in the ground through their roots.

Every carbon calculator is different with respect to climate change. Ideally, you can find one such as the Nature Conservancy’s Online Carbon Calculator, which accounts for home energy, driving, flying, food, diet, recycling and waste. Even if the companies had not bought these carbon credits, Africa would not be polluting any more or less. It makes zero difference to the CO2 produced by Africa, and zero difference to Europe’s emissions either, and so has no practical benefit in global warming terms at all.

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