Jul 112010

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A common complaint amongst small business web site owners is that they don’t get any web traffic and the little that they do get doesn’t produce any leads or inquiries for their goods or services.I have covered in previous articles some highly effective ways of getting good quality local leads using 3 very simple techniques i.e. Google’s local business centre, video marketing and press releases.In today’s article I would like to cover one tactic that is as yet under used, yet highly effective means of getting new customers – by using the synergy of combining on and offline marketing. As an internet marketing Service Milton Keynes, we’ve been using this technique frequently with great results.One of the best ways of getting an almost guaranteed and quite sudden rush of traffic to your web site is to run print campaigns. Print advertising is one of the most underused medium for getting traffic to a web site – it’s probably a huge opportunity waiting to be tapped by you, starting today.

Distinguish your special customer that you desire to mark and charm to your website.Create something that you can give aside and which you candidate can download or entree online. Guarantee that whatever you place unitedly gives measure content as this would additional likely produce a closer kinship with your possibility client. Turning this report into a pdf file which you can do quite easy. If you don’t experience how, do a swift research on Google for a pdf converter.Create a sole page lead-capture page, also known as a squeeze page. This is a special web pages with one merely objective, to seize the possibility customer’s call and e-mail deal with. The enticement you apply to gain them to provide their details is your without charge report, which is why the content of the report must provide measure and be something that your possibility customer would require. Once your possibility customer completes their details they are mechanically dispatch the report by email. This service of automating e-mail messages to customers is over quite plainly by utilising one of the a lot of auto-responder helps that are easy on-line such as Aweber.

It’s a plain shift – you write a valuable without charge report that contains fine information – the visitor volunteers their call and e-mail speak to in return for the without charge report, and also at the similar time agrees to receive further and added e-mails from you… although you also say (on the lead page) they can unsubscribe any time they want.Next measure is to further that web site (squeeze page) in feature, in the most right tabloid for your merchandise or service. Write an affiliate millionaire bonus advert that speaks ONLY about the without charge gift you are passing away. Give them a connection to the web web site – where they can leave to gain their hands on the valuable without charge information revealed in your report.The consequence of that advertising shall be quick tremendous traffic (depending on where and how a good deal you further your offer). The consequence would be not merely traffic to your web web site simply also the generation of hundreds or however a thousand or additional sales-leads… people who have expressed an concern in a report which refers directly to whatever it is you sell.You can then apply e-mail advertising to communicate with the people whose tags and e-mail addresses you have collected.If you already personal a large database of alive and mesmerized e-mail readers you can apply this tactic to boost your sales and profit substantially and mark advertisement is one of quickest and most trusted directions of collecting additional runs.

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