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Sedona, Arizona is not only my own individual special place in nature – almost full spiritual organizations get conventions, churches or offices near full these vortices of earth 4 energy and nature. There is a private government base in a valley to the north and under a swamp some engineers seen signs alike to the Nazca Lines and another average spirit forms from ancient peoples. That went after a dry spell and I no farther get the clause from a localized paper to quote for you. Few individuals who aren’t totally dead from the neck over could say there is no earth zip. It has a wavelength of 7.8 cycles and intersects in means that gain many matters happen. Personally I reckon ‘crop lots’ that aren’t took by debunkers like those who’ve seen three different confessors to the Kensington Runestone, get something to make with the Earth Energy Grid. We will work into Ley lines and another associated studies as best as ‘Feng shui’, later. For today, suffice it to say that the earth could deal zip as Tesla shown in Colorado Springs when he lit the town over in the early 20th century in front J. P. Morgan shelved the project (after paying a cool gazillion for it).

The work of Dr. Robins in solid state chemistry will be dealt with under that heading yet though it has lots relevancy to this heading. His ‘Dragon Project’ endeavour is an excellent work from a scientific point of reckon dealing with the Earth Energy Grid. David Hatcher Childress has some good information as best. There is a growing awareness of the completely field now that science has seen the matters zip does in vacuum and another structural lattices and templates.

It takes more than than one book to make the issue justice for true. Near individuals are becoming aware of the integrated impact of our Gaian Mother and nature, that astrologers and shamans get known for what reasonably could be visited forever. What zip numbers from the earth is simply part of the overall consciousness that has full these impressive matters happen about us. ‘Amber rays’ mightiness be one direction of describing the gravitational zip we saw being represented earlier that is committed down from each atom or nucleus. There are those who could look these connections simply as they could look our aura. I’m not one of these visually talented or gifted individuals, so I essential operate in the feeling and intellectual spectrum.

When I read that the psychic surgeons of the Philippines and Brazil get got their zip measured during operations at the same vibration rate of 7.8 cycles it got me considering of how we could alter our state and how others mightiness perceive us in these altered states. Clearly if anyone canned look full the spaces between our electrons and the nuclei or between the different atoms and molecules we wouldn’t seem solid by a long shot. Thus these surgeons who use no utensils would be able to energize the infected or diseased body part or tumor to remove it at an altered vibration level. There get been solid documentaries with such credible support as X-rays in front a San Francisco businessman got such a tumor removed and X-rays a yr later showing it hadn’t returned. The telecasting presentation went impressive simply we full know the debunkers could show how to fake these matters. In the goal you essential decide who has the most to gain from the arguments and whether or not you require to actualize your own future. Formerly you make a few matters the debunkers say are impossible – then a grin will get to your face; and the intellectual conflict loses full import unless you are stupid enough to attempt to write a book such as this.

String Theory knows about the harmonic forces that are cheap than solid which someways combine to gain what we perceive as a solid. The astrophysicists now get told us that 95% of the universe is ‘Dark Matter’ or ‘Dark Energy’ – so get with it in front you are invisible and don’t know it! Simply kidding! We simply saw Dowsing dealt with in fairly credible means by dozens of respectable individuals who use the results and gain money by it. Maybe you already know about the ray guns and EMF equipment being used in private research or perhaps you thought full that ‘Black Ops’ stuff went a solid fiction like the ‘X-Files’ or ‘Star Trek’. If so you probably are only studying this because individual insists you make it. OK. Let’s say you consent there is a magnetic element beyond gravity, or some another forces attributable to the massive earth (small orb hurtling through place that it is) we walk upon. The interference on your cell phone near large mineral deposits mightiness be enough, to demonstrate some of this.

Why is there a ‘Grid’ or how could one project what level of consciousness there is? The discussion then becomes as interested as whether or not you believe you get a soul and whether or not a plain dumping of our memory onto a computer chip (Stanford 1999) is able to transfer or superimpose the soul on the consciousness already on that point. That conversation will inevitably get beyond the realm of provable science for those who survey the ‘Toilet Philosophy’ (‘If you can’t look it, IT doesn’t last’ or Wayne Dyer’s You’ll look it, when you Consider IT!). At the real least it shall be allowable that there are different energies and some kind of overall direction these energies interact in the bowels of the earth. That is enough to goal the point at this juncture.

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