Apr 062010

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Bills are always expensive; it’s the electric bill for many that will break them at times. Operationing the air or heat for longer times during parts of the year, can make that bill a tremendous burden. But now you have a way to free energy generator. Yes create your own free energy generator.

It’s a device that you can build yourself, and get at no cost energy off the grid. It’s called a zero point magnetic generator, and with it you can get free energy. With magnets with magnetic force it will produce perpetual motion, which in turn will create free energy for you to use. Running continually by itself, and will continually produce more energy then what it will use.

Imagine the benefits of such a machine, and then you can figure out why for years it has been kept from the general public. If you’re able to create your own free energy you won’t need to pay for it from all those big companies who make tons of money. This generator that you can make yourself will not use solar or even wind power.

This free energy generator will not take up a lot of area in your home either. It’s not a huge piece of equipment. Very easy to build, in fact someone who has never done something like this will be able to make it. If you only use this as part of the energy in your home you can still save up to 50% off that electric bill. It won’t matter if the area where you place this generator gets really hot or cold either.

Following the blueprints for this free energy generator are simple. Those people who don’t know much about making things can even accomplish this task. Tested and used by several people now, this device may soon replace normal electric in many houses. Get on the bandwagon and see if this product will fit into your home too.

Who wouldn’t want a chance to get electric for free? Not many people are going to pass up on this opportunity. That’s why it’s important that you realize that this is a very inexpensive in fact those materials may cost around USD200. Even if you use this as a partial way to power your home that money will be made up in very little time.

A very green idea to get energy into your home, eco-friendly equals help for the environment! The costs of materials to build this generator are indeed very inexpensive with a total cost of USD200. Not bad, and easily made up in a month of electric bills for most people out there. You won’t need to use it to completely power your home, if you are a bit nervous of whether it will work or not, try it out for part of the devices in your home.

As you look into how well this free energy generator works you can pull over more of your devices, and fully power your home for free eventually. With not much cost to make this generator you will even make up the cost with only a small amount of your devices working on this free energy generator.

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