May 072010

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People in the UK know him very well and he has a loyal consumer following. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is known for his frank and often outspoken views, but he has a lot of good information to share with consumers who are struggling to pay bills. For example, being a central heating owner is often costly, but there are some great money saving tips online. But the best part is taking matters into your own hands and becoming your own money saving expert. So, read on for some tips to get you started.

Compare and contrast – here’s something everyone should try at least once in order to save money on things like heating. In order to make life easier, check out some price comparison sites and see what information they return to you. In other cases, for those who haven’t got central heating installed yet, you can use the phone to ring people and get some central heating quotes in. Don’t fall into the trap of getting one quote and accepting it immediately. You simply won’t know if it’s a good deal otherwise.

Buy a new boiler – did you know that a new boiler could save you lots of money? Indeed, it is a pricey expense to start with, because you need to pay for the appliance and installation, but you should find that your heating costs reduce considerably when a new boiler is put in place. A new boiler heats up much more quickly and the house will get warmer, meaning you don’t need to have the central heating turned on as long.

Get a boiler repaired – it may be that you can’t afford a new boiler, in which case you can consider getting your current boiler repaired so it improves the efficiency. For those that don’t know if their boiler is working right, it is recommended that you book a boiler service and get an engineer round to fine tune everything. It is in his best interests to be honest with you and tell you if something needs sorting out. Naturally, boiler repairs are going to be much cheaper than getting a new boiler fitted, but always consider long-term costs, as multiple repairs add up.

With the information included here, you will be well on your way to becoming your own money saving expert. Just remember that saving money on something like central heating is one of the most important things.

Get the best ebooks about free energy here :

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