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It is self-evident that we consider health to be an important condition upon which depends almost everything. It is rather difficult to set and reach certain goals, if we feel unwell. In this case all our wishes and efforts will be directed at recovering. That is why it is better to remain healthy, in order to reach success in life.

But what is necessary to be healthy? Certainly, you should take care of both physical and mental aspects of your health, since they are inseparable. Only in this case you will keep fit and be full of energy. Physical health mostly depends on what and when you eat, how much your move and sleep. Mental health depends on timely rest and relaxation, ability to avoid or resist stress etc.

Nutrition plays an important role, since we are what we eat. In case we abuse junk food, we risk obtaining a number of diseases of digestive system as well as gaining extra weight. Such food is also abundant in spices and salt which is not good for our cardiovascular system since we may get elevated blood pressure and other unpleasant consequences. That is why it is reasonable to think of our daily menu and include there more vegetables and fruits, fish and cereals. Such products are rich in fibre, vitamins and microelements which are vital for our bodies. Thus we will be healthier and stronger, since we will receive all necessary elements with such food. At the same time we will preserve perfect shape, because all these products are low-caloric.

What is also important about nutrition is the time you have meals. It is recommended to have frequent meals, in order to feel constant hunger and not to overeat in the end when you manage to have your dinner. Besides, try not to eat late in the evening – you will sleep better and all the consumed calories will not accumulate in your midsection.

As far as the physical activity is concerned make sure that you do have regular exercises. And keep in mind that this is vital not only for your body, but for your health as well. Sedentary life is the real problem of today, since we work in front of our monitors for about eight hours per day. Moreover, our rest is in most cases also inactive: we sit in front of our TVs or computers, in cafes or cinemas with our friends. There is almost no motion in our life. This may lead to weakening of muscles, and hence the risk of various injures really increases. That is why it is strongly recommended to add regular physical training two or three times per week. Due to this you will preserve your health which is so necessary in our intensive life.

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