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When you think about keeping your homeowner’s insurance policy rates as low as possible, you think about keeping up maintenance to make sure people – those who live in the home and visitors alike – are less likely to get injured on your property. You make sure your valuables are locked up safely, and you buy security systems, stronger doors, locks, and windows to protect your home from theft. You even opt for a cuddly kitten rather than a large dog in order to protect visitors from attacks.

Without homeowner’s insurance winter can be a difficult time as damage is likely to occur to your home. The weather during winter can cause damage to your home which can present a safety risk to the people living in it and visiting so you need to prepare for the colder season.

To make repairs to your home before winter, start at the top. Clean out your gutters and stop any leaves, debris or other materials getting stuck in them by installing a gutter protector which will keep the guttering free from clogging. Next move onto the steps and path that lead to your home and your drive of you have one. Repair any cracks in the steps or walk way, as well as any wobbly hand rails. If you do not have a handrail leading to your home you should probably get one for when the family comes over for Christmas or the postman struggles to get up an icy slope. Look at the outside walls of your home and around the windows. If there is damage or holes here fill them in.

Next move into your home. Make sure you and your contents stay warm by making any repairs to your heating system, adding extra thermal insulation, and repairing cracks in windows.

[spin] carrying out this simple maintenance work before winter arrives will leave you less reliant on homeowner’s insurance and more able to enjoy winter with your friends and family.

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