Jan 062010

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A central heating system is a great addition to any home, but a less than desired addition is the rust that starts to appear on your radiators. Rust can be very common, but it is important that you do something about it. Unfortunately there are some homeowners that don’t care about their radiators, but leaving it won’t make it get any better. Visitors that come to your home might even comment on how ghastly the rust on the radiators looks. For anyone that is currently suffering with rusty radiators, now is the time to sort the problem out.

For the sake of this article, we’ll call this central heating spring cleaning. The recommendation here is to do central heating maintenance to keep everything in tip top condition. It might be that you need to clean the heavy pile of dust off the radiators, but today we’re going to focus on getting rid of that persistent rust.

For arguments sake, assume you are a single mother with central heating Newcastle. Tomorrow is the day when people are coming over to visit you and you just know you have to do something about the radiators before they arrive. In Newcastle, just like other places in the UK, first impressions are important and if you have rusty old radiators they won’t impress your visitors. If you’re thinking of selling your home too, its even more crucial that you get rid of the rust on the radiators. It doesn’t actually matter if you’re a housewife or a bachelor; the tips enclosed herewith will help you get your radiators looking brand new again – whatever the important date is.

Tip1: Rust is actually a frequent feature on radiators around the UK. The first thing to do is to strip back the surface to bare metal. The best way to do this to use a varnish and paint stripper.
Tip 2: After this, prime the metal using a metal primer and this will seal the surface.
Tip 3: As soon as the radiator is dry, you can start thinking about applying the enamel.
Tip 4: Head down to your local DIY store to pick up all these bits and more – there’s a great selection to choose from.
Tip 5: Don’t use ordinary paint on radiators as this can cause problems.

Central heating systems up and down the country are being spring cleaned and old rusty radiators are looking as good as new.

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