Jun 042010

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The typical family income has dropped considerably which has made saving money on gas and electricity a major priority. Most of us are also concerned about our environment and want to be more “earth” conscience by finding ways to make solar power and wind energy and use only renewable energy resources. Of course you need to decide which type of alternative energy would be best for your family. How would you like to learn how to make solar energy or build your own wind generator that would make them the main source of power for heating, cooling and lighting in your home?

You can begin saving money today on your utility bills by taking the power company off your payroll. We have been made more aware today of our environment and the global economy. On average, only 2% of our homes are powered by renewable energy. As a citizen of this earth we are called to preserve its resources by striving to make solar power..

You may be asking yourself if you are capable of building a wind generator or if you can make solar energy at home. By checking the internet you will quickly discover many companies willing to do it for you but just as many sources for building alternative energy methods yourself. It is hard to be sure that you are hiring a qualified supplier and installer.

To get you going on the right foot there are quite a few manuals like GreenDIY Energy available on the internet for the do-it-yourself type. If you are an environmentalist or just want to save money, ways to make solar energy are relatively simple. Take baby steps to saving the environment by purchasing a solar hot water system. It takes quite a bit of time to reheat after each use, but the amount you save on your first bill will make it all worth it.

If more people would start using the earth for energy, a renewable resource, and other home made energy resources such as solar and wind power it will make a difference for our environment and a satisfying experience for the individual.

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