Jan 212009

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It is more important than ever to watch your money because of all the economic uncertainty we are facing. Here are a few things you can look at to try to save money and make money.

The first area you should look at to see if you can save some money is with your essential monthly utilities. One area where you may be able to save some money is with your phones. It is important that you have a phone, but do you need a cell phone and a home phone. Many people can save money by using their cell phone for everything. Just make sure you have good reception in your house because there is nothing more annoying than talking to somebody on a cell phone in their house when it keeps cutting out. You should also look into bundling services. Sometimes, you can combine your phone, TV, and internet connection and save some money. Many states have deregulated their energy suppliers so you may be able to switch energy companies and save some money too. Where I live, I changed my service to Ambit Energy and am saving up to $100 per month for the same service I had before.

Your other semi-fixed expenses like food is another area you may be able to save some money. There are tons of coupons out there that can allow you to save hundreds of dollars on your weekly food and essential expenses. You can get a lot of coupons in your local newspaper or do some searching on the internet. There are also ways to get free samples or even make money by filling out surveys or signing up for free trials. You can also get paid for filling out online surveys or win big by entering drawings for cash and gift cards. There are a lot of websites that show you how to get Totally Free Stuff Online so click on the link and check it out.

Now, just as good as saving money is making money. With all the instability in corporate America, now is a great time to start thinking about creating your own stability with a home business. When you are starting a small business, the first thing is to make sure you enjoy what you are doing. If it doesn’t seem like work, it won’t wear you down and you will do a better job. The next thing is to make sure whatever you are going to sell is going to be in demand for a long time. The last thing you want to do is work hard to establish your business only to have it become yesterday’s news and everybody quits buying. If you can combine your business with something you already do, you can even make money for something you do already. Excel Communications had a great multi level marketing business that was founded in selling phone service. You could get a commission on peoples phone bills and even get paid a commission on your own phone bill. The only problem with Excel is that they failed the long term demand test. With the expansion of cell phone service, the traditional long distance plans lost profitability and many companies like Excel disappeared. A similar program now exists for electricity and natural gas. Those 2 commodities aren’t going to go away any time soon so getting into this business with a company like Ambit Energy should be profitable for a long time. When you start your own business, you are taking important steps to taking your future into your own hands.

Hopefully these few tips on saving money and making money have given you some ideas on how you can improve your financial situation. Good luck with making your money go further!

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